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Get Get Get Get Get Over It

So this morning I woke up at 9:30AM instead of 7:00AM like I wanted to. I missed meeting Kyle in the lab, so God knows what he did for the music for our video. I guess he's prob'ly in the process of showing it now, or maybe he already has. I should be in Film class, but I'm taking this unique opportunity to do the French work I've got that's due by 05:00PM.

See, I had Portfolio Review at 01:30PM, so between 11:15AM and about 01:00PM, I was putting together the reel. It was pretty roughly done, and indeed, I just did an on-the-fly, hit-record-and-play, then-hit-stop, then-repeat version edit of my Advanced Cinematography project for the reel. But at least I passed. When I came back in after they conferred, Kathy (Corley) was like "Well congratulations!" then went on to say she thought about tricking me. I kinda wish she'd been like "Well, we regret to inform you that..." then been like "HAH HAH! Just JOKING! GOOD WORK!" I think I really would have appreciated that, and I almost told her so. But anyway, her and Rebecca (Ormond) had nice things to say all around, in general, about how they liked the all-encompassing nature of the work I do personally on my work, as a musician and a person who knows French (sorta) and whatever else, and they were basically expounded-upon versions of the nice things I tried to say about myself, and then they said some stuff I could improve, which was basically the same stuff I said I should improve. I think they think I'm a keen dude, though, so I'm happy. They made it sound as though I'd done something totally refreshing in actually explaining my work, rather than just letting it run. They also made it sound as though I'd done something very diff'rent by not claiming I thought I'd be, or even wanted to be, the next Spielberg. Man, I go to school with a bunch of pretentious idiotic twits, moreso than I knew, I guess.

And THEN, friends, and THENI was a little bit down the hallway after the portfolio review, putting on my coat and whatnot, and I was standing there, and out of an office right behind me came a woman with a tray, and I looked down, and on the tray were a coupla muffins and a bagel. I sorta looked back up at the woman, whom I did not know at all, nor did I ever recall seeing before in my life, and she said "Would you like one of these?" So FUCK YEAH, I just ate some BANANA-WALNUT MUFFIN! For FREE! I woulda taken the Blueberry one, too, and the Bagel, if I'd known she was gonna take 'em straight to the trash after me. Oh, well.

Then, on the way to the lab (here), I saw some pillow in someone's rear car window ledge thing, and I don't know what it said, or what the embroidered design was, but I think it was an "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" pillow. I'm sort of surprised I didn't do a double take just to make sure that's what it was; I only saw some of the words, and could really be off the mark on this one. Plus, I couldn' make out what the picture was, like I said. Oh, well. That's a dumb joke, that was never funny to begin with. And I'm a real sucker for mis-translations between languages! (Down By Law, anyone?)

Now it's time to read a play in French and answer some questions on it. Then maybe to class, if it's still occurring by the time I'm through. I should also find time to go to the bank today. Or maybe I should save that for Monday, but I WOULD like to get my old glasses back ASAP. OH! And I found some other names of Converse eyeglasses frames models yesterday, while my Mom and I were at the eye doctor place: "Sinister," "Chief," "Rebel"...man, there were some other really good ones. Why can't I remember? Mine were called "Boo," though.

My nerves have restored themselves to normal. Why was I worked up in the first place?

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