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Load Up On Guns, And Kill Your Friends

So today was some cool day, followed by some lame-Ø night.

Tomorrow's ol' Portfolio Review time. I'm finally gonna be an official member of the film school, guys! And JUST IN TIME TO GRADUATE!

You guessed it, that means it's jacket and tie time! Usually I like to shower before donning jacket and tie time, but I took a shower today, and the bottom line is, I'm just too damned Grunge for that, ya know? Hell, I'm too damned grunge to wear a jacket and tie--change of plans--it's flannel and Soundgarden T-Shirt time! FUCK YEAH!

But tonight, I was gonna go to school and work on my portfolio review reel. Instead, I mistakenly heard some doo-wop songs, and that just made me CRAVE karaoke, as it always does. So I called a TON of folks to see if they wanted to go with me, but got lame responses ranging from "I'm sick" to "I'm going to drive these slick and nasty roads to Collinsville instead" to "I'm going to bed in a half an hour" to "I have a presentation tomorrow" to "I'm out, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible." Whatever, ya fucks. I've got what is pretty much the most crucial thing that's yet happened, scholastically, in my college career, tomorrow. And I'M PLANNIN' ON KARAOKE TIME!!! What's wrong with people? It's time to loosen up!

Well, anyway, enough of that, but I decided I'd go to school and work on the reel. It was WAY WAY slick, so I was like "forget that." Plus, it was 10:30PM, and I prob'ly wouldn't have gotten to school 'til 11:00PM, and that would've allowed me only an hour to work on that crap. So I said "forget it," turned around, and went back home.

Then I went to Gary's for the first time in forever. He and Amelia were there, then Dave showed up and we watched Down By Law, and it's a good thing I'd seen it before, cuz it's really f-in' good, and I was totally dozing off hardcore. I traipsed across the snow once more to return home, and kill hours on the internet, which brings us up to date.

Earlier today my mother was in town, though, and that was a good time. She took me to lunch at St. Louis Bread Co. and we went out to West County to visit Mary & Duane, which was nice, and ran some errands at various West County locales, and then went to Aldi and she bought me tons of groceries that were badly needed and will surely last me 'til goodness-knows-when. She also brought some as-yet-unreceived Xmas gifts from Grandma B., and some other stuff from the house that's mine, mainly tiny trinkets of varying importances, and some textbooks I needed/wanted. Oh, and I'm glad she came, cuz she was thinking about getting rid of the old Country Bumpkin stuffed animals that I was so keen on as a kid on the premise that "nobody would care" if she did. You know, those old Del Monte-produced stuffed animals? I LOVED those. We had a crow, a scarecrow, a pod of peas, an ear of corn, and I think a peach and a tomato, or so says my Mom. MAN, she was gonna give 'em away, like, TOMORROW, so I'm really glad I mentioned them. She didn't even ask about them, she was just like "Did you want any of those old stuffed animals from long ago?" and I was like "Yeah, prob'ly, but I'd have to look at 'em all to decide which" then I remembered those Del Monte ones and was like "Oh yeah..." but anyway. Tomorrow's Grumboon time at the Pepper Lounge for FREE (7:15PM, 8:15PM, and 9:15PM, y'all'd better be there, it's the old Side Door, right next door to Rocket Bar).

Then it's the Pubes at the Creepy (I guess I'm supposed to play this show?) and then it's the McGees at Cicero's. We'll see what's up.

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