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Dog Will Hunt!

Why is this computer lab such an attractor of dopes, creeps, and weirdos? Not only is there worker-guy (who, of course, is hoggin' the ol' good computer again--if only I didn't have that class from eleven 'til noon, that computer would totally be mine all day, cuz I come in before him, but then he comes in while I'm in class for an hour), but there are some creepy dopes who patronize this place, too. Annoying hunchbacks and jerks who just sit there and talk loudly, and look ugly, and are just generally irritating presences, whether or not they're really doing anything wrong.

Also, I love how people get mad at me when computers won't bring up Yahoo or Yahoo Mail. It's like "Well, I may have been a little hasty when I last inventoried my personal skills, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't see 'ability to magically bring up webpages that're experiencing problems and won't come up otherwise' among them. Surely Yahoo has an 800 number you can call and bitch to; this shit ain't got shit to do with me, mutha'."

Yawn. Like, SUPER fuckin' yawn.

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