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Dang, I Had A Great Idea For A Journal Entry Title While Driving Earlier. Now I've Forgotten It.

So here I am, at "work." I got here about 4½ hours later than I'd intended. Still, I should be able to swing twenty hours for the week total. If I can wake up. I've set aside Sunday for cleaning my room, Russ says he'll help, but maybe I should tackle it alone. Hell, for that matter, maybe I'll get in cleaning mode like tonight and I'll be able to get some crap done. After all, my 5:30PM-8:30PM (that's three hours) class has been reduced to a 5:24PM-5:32PM (that's eight minutes) class, and it's actually just a personal meeting. We have to come up with an overall project or project idea to which we must heretofore apply all of our smaller projects in Applied Media Aesthetics (basically, what our Emmy-award-winning professor Catherine Cathers is doing is making the title of the course more appropriate, and I certainly can't blame her). In any case, I think I'm just gonna use the Breakfast movie idea. I thought this morning maybe it'd be cool to shoot it on film, after all. I have a pretty solid seven minutes worth of supercool color 16mm left. Or maybe that should be for the cigar project (even though I don't know what the hell that'll be yet). The Breakfast Movie, though, I can fudge my way through for now, and maybe it'll be cool to do a bunch of projects based on BREAKFAST. Did I say "maybe"? How silly of me.

Now it's time to rock out to some Peelander-Z and OK Go and Phonocaptors and feel sorry that I'm too poor to see OK Go and the Donnas tonight {sigh}, and to do some journal entries on random media that I've observed or whatever.

For some reason, I can't listen to KDHX on this computer cuz Real Player is enjoying being a BITCH. Too bad; I was having a good time listening to Bob's Scratchy Records before I got here, but of course it's over by now. He played the Who's "Happy Jack" and the Dave Clark Five's "Bits And Pieces" and SHIRLEY ELLIS' "CLAPPING SONG"!!! Good ol' Bob.

This other guy, this creepy chode who works here in the Priest House lab, is totally hogging the computer on which I could otherwise use REAL AIM and more conveniently surf the web in security and expediency, but the fucker isn't even using the computer, he's just sitting at the desk like a dope. I really dislike this fellow, and moreover, he really creeps me out. I'm almost afraid to type about him here for fear that I'll turn around to find him looking over my shoulder reading this, or that he'll telepathically just know I'm typing bad things about him, or that he'll magically discover this journal and comment on it and stuff.

Yesterday was temporary tattoo day. Russ and I wore temporary tattoos that I'd gotten in the tiny packages of Botan Rice Candy in Chicago (the ones I got in San Francisco actually had cool stickers). Anyway, my tattoo was (or rather, is, since it's still there, yet very cracked and faded--these things survive rigorous showers, folks!) some roses and their leaves and two hearts with an arrow going through them, and a banner among all that which read "True Love." Russ's was a Unicorn Pegasus. So I guess maybe TODAY is temporary tattoo day, too! HEE HEE!

I'm gonna make a mix tape of cheesy, funny, overindulgent, sappy, contradictory, offensive, ridiculous, or otherwise just plain cool love songs. First person to claim it here, gets it. I reserve the right to refuse it to anyone, too.

Two and a half hours to do three journal entries. Let's get to it, folks!

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