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Was It Good, Was It Bad? I Knew That I Had To Find That Word

The Pubes beat the hell outta Sullen tonight, if I do say so myself. Still, I rather like Sullen. They seem like good folks, and I was rockin' and rollin' to the sweet noises. We didn't get to cover their song like we wanted to since we sorta needlessly ran outta time, but we sorta intro'd a Pubes song with the opening riff of their "All Fall Down," and it was funny stuff. Some of the other bands sucked, and some of 'em were good stuff, and it was a good time in general (though a window did get broken as Peat was handing out the prizes--eek!).

Then Bobbi Jo and I went to her friends' house to play PIT, and of course PIT is one awesome game. Bobbi didn't think I'd know what PIT was, but my family definitely used to be all about friggin' PIT. I didn't win any rounds, but I didn't lose the game as a whole, either. Good times.

Then it was off to the Roadhouse for the get-together. More Jello shots (apparently Katie and/or Bart made like 300 of them, and from the very beginning of the night, at the Czech Center, they were handin' 'em out. Overall, I had about seven, myself), no pizza left, and I sorta dozed on the couch for awhile waiting for Bobbi to take me back to my car.

The first thing of the evening, though, was 1531 Washington, where Aaron Judlowe had his own little photo show opening. It was really nice; I felt good for the ol' guy, and plus there was free booze there, so I had a vodka/lemonade punch drink, and took a Hamm's (beer) for later on; it was finished at the Czech Center (amidst several Jell-O shots, a Budweiser, and a healthy swig of whiskey). I'm surprised I wasn't more drunk, truth be told.

Now I'm back home, and eating some Valentines Day candy and cookies courtesy of my mother. Eee!

How come the roads aren't being salted or plowed? It's been doing this nasty snow/ice thing for hours upon hours, now. Driving home was hell, especially coming down from drunkenness/tipsiness. Aren't the plows usually out there first thing? I had this daydream that maybe while all of us young ruffians were rocking at the Czech Center and the Roadhouse and wherever else, the nation went to war and somehow the public works got cancelled and all this zany inexplicable stuff was going on. It seems like I saw some other stuff that'd have otherwise supported this notion, if it weren't so seemingly far-out. It was a hell of a cold and icy night, though, my feet are still freezing. Je souhaite qu'il y avait quelqu'un ici pour me faire chaud. Quelqu'un en particulier...

Oh, and I put the sappy crap in French cuz most of you don't/can't read it, and I know personally that I find reading sappy crap on other peoples' journals is dumb, but somehow I feel inclined to say it sometimes. So, plug it in here or wherever else at yer own discretion, folks.

Damn, I gotta be awake at like 9:30AM. Scrüde again.

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