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We Will Wade In The Tides Of The Summer

What a dumb day, followed by a rotten night.

I woke up at five AM, when really I was supposed to leave for the airport (coming back to St. Louis) at five AM. So hurriedly I got it together and said farewell and got on the 6:44AM flight. I ended up back here at home around 8:30AM, so I decided I'd sleep 'til 10:00AM, then get up for my 11:00AM French literature class. WELL LET ME TELL YOU, I sure as hell ended up sleeping 'til 11:45AM. How pointless; I could have stayed in Chicago longer (even if I would have prob'ly been sleeping), or at least not had to have woken up so early. How RETARDED. Then I went to Advanced Filmmaking, and we shot a bunch of stuff, and it was pretty smooth, then Kyle took me back to my car where my petition to graduate was, so I could turn that in on the way to the media center, where we would be returning the video equipment. Well, he dropped me off, then I realized that my keys were in my coat, in Kyle's car. So, I tried calling the media center, to no avail, then found a girl (Adriana) that I hardly know, and asked her politely to take me back to campus so I wouldn't have to run all that way in the nasty drizzle (with no coat, mind you). Well, I turned in my petition to graduate, even having received word that they're cracking down on the whole "let you walk at graduation, THEN have you finish your Senior Overview" deal, but in any case, I'm gonna have to write a letter to the dean of the school. Let's see just how smooth a talker I am.

Then I went home, unable to get my paycheck cuz the business office closes early on Fridays (lame). I have bills that're delinquent after the 18th, so that'll be a close call (you can, of course, assume there's not enough money in my account to front the money for an $80 bill). Then I came home and engaged in general retardation for awhile before I went over to Gary's, met Mario, and we took off to pick up Maysam and Peat on the way to Kirksville. Mario drove. I fell asleep for part of the time, due mainly to the divided and in any case, brief nature of the sleep of last night (that is, the night of the 13th). We didn't really get going 'til really late, and arrived in Kirksville around 11:00PM. Mental Floss was still playing; they did a few songs and then we played on their equipment, and it was fun, and we ended around midnight. Then instead of going home immediately as the original plan dictated, we stuck around 'til about 3:00AM or 3:30AM, went to some lame as shit party, during which I mainly just kept hoping we'd leave, but I did see Ryan Murphy (of the PTA) there, and that was nice and unexpected.

Well the ride home mainly consisted of me sleeping, and pretending I was asleep cuz human interaction wasn't what I was particularly interested in at that moment, or for any of those moments in that three hour period of driving. I just don't know what to think anymore; I'm not sure how to construe some of the things I heard while pretending to be asleep. I guess most of my time tonight was spent in thought about the topic: "My first Valentines Day with a girlfriend, and I'm in small-town Missouri 'partying' with a bunch of drunk yokel dopes instead." Actually, it really didn't seem much like Valentines Day at all, girlfriend or not. Curse my short-sightedness.

But Wednesday night through Friday morning was ultra-fun-mega-happy-Chicago-time with Courtney. First we went to Clarke's and ate this huge ice cream thing and had milkshakes (whoo boy!) and failed to find "Rob Rulz" etched in the (formerly wet) cement at Belmont & Clark. Then we drank champagne and ate a little honey-barbecue-ketchup chicken and watched The Royal Tenenbaums, and while we didn't figure out or otherwise notice that which we'd hoped to, it's always a good watch. Then the next day we went to Courtney's art history lecture, where all that happened was a screening of Lust For Life, starring Vincent Van Gogh as Kirk Douglas and Paul Gauguin as Anthony Quinn (strike that: reverse it). Then we went to UNCLE FUN which is this radical badical toy store where stuff is cheap and I got some Mr. T 7" story records with picture books, and an anchor keychain (it's about time I got something to put on my keys again, and anchors are cool, right?). There's a shitload of cheap stuff there! Then we went to an arcade, and played the Simpsons arcade game, and beat it with the help of some little girl. Then Courtney treated me to an Ethiopian restaurant with super-sweet honey wine and a bitchin' buffet (thanks, by the way), with Meredith, and then instead of going to see The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie, we just lazed around listening to mixtapes. Then midnight struck and we exchanged Valentines Day gifts. It was generally a good deal, then I had to leave, and of course it was too soon, and a stupid day/night followed it.

When I got home (from class), there was a Valentines Day package from my mother, with tons of candy and some homemade chocolate chip cookies (in the shape of hearts) and some scratched-off scratchers tickets worth $4.00 total. Plus a Snow White valentine, and a bunch of mail that was sent to my parents' house for me. Good deal!

And Pubes practice later today, then tonight's the big Pubes v. Sullen decision, and Aaron Judlowe's photo show, with free booze and no admission (so I'm told). I'm gonna try 'n' go to both; I really wanna see Aaron's photographs.

Good golly, this is long, and I'm beat. To bed with me.

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