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'Cuz To Me, They're All The Same


Like, whoah.

I took an Aleve all-day formula this morning, and it's makin' me all crazy and dizzy. It's sorta great. I wonder if it's cuz I took it on an entirely empty stomach or what.

I have a shitload of homework to do for Applied Media Aesthetics, but instead I've just been internetting around for TWO FRIGGIN' HOURS. Will it ever stop?

Gotta go find some magazines for this project and shit. Then I think I have to write some journal entries (not here) on varoius media events I've attended and remark on their various traits. What a load of busy-work this class provides.

Then hopefully tonight after class we can do some shootin' for the ol' Three Amigos project. I really don't want to have to do the whole thing in three goddamned hours on Friday afternoon.

Then I gotta pack, I guess. It's Chicago-time, again. (!)

I really want Hunan Vu's all-you-can-eat $4.50 buffet right now. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Also, I have to fill out some silly petition to graduate, and I should definitely work on my Law & Media take-home test; I think it's due tomorrow (but I'm not really even sure about that).

At some point I should bring myself to read the scripts of all the people in my advanced filmmaking class. I'm actually sorta looking forward to that one.

Damn, what a load of crap I've got cut out for me in the next five and a half hours. At least this pill is making this sort of a good time. I'm sorta tired, though. Yuck.

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