RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Smoke On The Water: A Fire In The Sky

You know, I used to smoke cigarettes on a relatively regular basis. Having done so, I think my current stance on cigarettes is a little funny, even though it is the stance I took on cigarettes originally, and perhaps my experience with such a thing as smoking only grounded my original feelings further.

The fact is, I can be in a room, or some other close quarters, with a person or people who are smoking. Sometimes my eyes water, sometimes they don't, usually I end up smelling like smoke, which is sorta gross. Sitting here thinking about the idea of smoking a cigarette right now, is really grossing me out. And having smoke blown in my face is more than just a nuisance; I consider it a real sign of unabashed disrespect and (often, perhaps temporary) repulsive character.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'll never drag on a cigarette again. Hell, I'll prob'ly smoke whole cigarettes before I die. Last time I tried, I stopped mid-cigarette, and just tossed the thing into the snow on the balcony where I stood. Before that, it had been weeks or months. I think that's sort of a good sign. I haven't been regular about smoking since late August 2002. But friends, if you ever meet me or see me in person, and you smoke, or otherwise are smoking, don't blow smoke in my fucking face. Knowing myself, I'll prob'ly give you a chance or two, even if you are belligerent and purposeful about repeating the act. I'll prob'ly say something about how you're gonna get hit if you do it again; then I won't be shy about hitting you.

Two things having to do with violence that I've only done once in my life are: bitch-slapping someone, and punching someone in the face (assume interactions with family members null for purposes of this paragraph). Both happened directly after someone blew smoke in my face, I told them they'd better not do it again, or they'd get bitch-slapped/punched (as the case dictated), and they did it again. In at least one of these cases, or perhaps both (one of them was three years ago and I therefore cannot remember properly), even after THAT, I offered one more warning. How unreasonable could you be?


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