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Jeezus what a long and busy day. I hurt all over. Allow my explanation:

-My legs hurt from standing for so long at the big show tonight.

-My neck hurts from rocking out.

-My voice hurts from singing at practice last night and the Roadkill mini-show today, and the Mustardfish show, and cuz it's so late. My voice gets all stupid when I've been awake too long.

-My arms hurt from carrying equipment here, there, and everywhere.

-My ears hurt cuz I forgot ear plugs.

-My head hurts cuz I got drunk and just waited it out over the course of the show to go home thereafter.

-My ankles and feet hurt from having had to stand on them in strange positions all night.

-My stomach hurts cuz I can't afford to eat.

-My pride, and more importantly, my feelings, hurt for some inexplicable reason; I think it has to do at least some with the physical half-fight I got into toward the end of tonight's show (which was a mere half hour or so ago).

-My face hurts cuz I got punched in it.

I feel sorta sick. More emotionally than anything. I don't really know what to make of it; maybe it was just being in that same place for so long, listening to loud music, and being disrespected, and my brain is now warped. Who knows? Well, the show was pretty sweet, in any case. Except that Commichung played for too fuggin' long (even outside the context of a ten-band show that starts at seven PM, why on goddamned earth would they play like an hour long set?), and the Conformists, even though I like them, could have used a shorter set. I guess it was just that, by that time, we were all exhausted and crabby. But all around, and in general, it was a good time, as far as the music went.

And the Roadkill's appearance on television was well-received. Only very select people will ever see it, unfortunately. It was a good time, and I wore the gold jacket that Megan McCaul gave me way back when (I tried catching her eye at the show tonight, but I literally wasn't going to go out of my way to talk to her if she didn't want to talk to me, as I assume she didn't), and my new gold tie with blue owls on it. I was really excited. I also wore my blue All-Stars and just some old blue slacks/work pants. Then I changed to the red pants, donned the red cowboy hat, and put on the yellow dancin' shoes for the Mustardshow. But I kept the gold jacket and tie; they seemed to fit all right. I wouldn't do it regularly; they just happened to be what I was wearing already, and I didn't feel like changing.

And between those two "shows," I shot/directed(?) a ninja vs. space ranger fight starring Matt Sinopole and his roommate Anthony. It was hilarious stuff, then we got kicked out of Tilles Park.

God I feel lousy.

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