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The title of this entry is something I always thought would make a cool band name.

I'm making this entry, however, as a response to my earlier entry about this past weekend. I made it sound really questionable and mediocre. I think I was in a sort of preoccupied mood when I made that post; I had a bunch of homework to do and not much time to do it, and I was in lazy weird "work" at the computer lab mode. Well now that I've got pancakes in the stomach and a small glass of cold milk at hand, I can say with surety: WHAT A FUGGIN' AWESOME WEEKEND. I really did have so much fun, just eating some random pizza and patronizing random locations and doing Nacho Time and eating candy and trying to get rid of my scarf on a homeless person (unsuccessfully). And there are lots of things I wanna go back to Chinatown to buy (cheap!). And a guy drew a picture of Courtney that was really generic looking, and Mic Boshans gave me a beer. And we drank gin 'n' juice, and got confused about which bus went where. And I met some nice folks, and rode some buses and some subways, and thought about how great it'd be to go back when I have money (when?!).

But today, I had some classes that were largely tolerable, and perhaps mostly even enjoyable. I'm softening up to "Law And The Media," I think Wayne Sheldon is a keen guy, and Ian MacBryde's "Scriptwriting" class will probably be some sort of breeze, but maybe a little work. "Law" will prob'ly be some studying, too, but as far as the classes themselves, go, I'm having an all right time.

Financially: Well, let's not talk about it. But hopefully I won't have to drop outta school and move to Dallas with my parents. At least I have SOME option if all goes awry.

I finally got the McGees CD in the mail just before I left for Chicago (the first time? The second time? Like I said, I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the two trips; that much was true), and IT WON'T PLAY IN MY DVD PLAYER. I tried it in the CD-ROM at school, too. Natalie McGee will hear of this. At least the Pole Position and Climax CDs work. Climax is hilarious; it's definitely Roadkill-compatible shit (like, maybe if the Roadkill were 17 years old and played the guitar).

Most of the rest of today was about making mix tapes and being a homebody in general. I meant to go to Gary's, and I was invited to the Roadhouse, which is apparently back in friendly possession. Instead, I just hermitted around all night. Well, whatever, I guess.

I think I'm ready for bed. I really need to put in as many hours as possible up at school. Ciao, y'all.

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