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Nectar West?

Back to the ol' humdrum of school after an extended (if split) weekend in Chicago. I've become really fond of taking vacations, but not really DOING anything on them. Like Belgium in May of 2002, or Chicago in June of 2002, or Chicago this past weekend, you know. Yes, indeed.

But really, it was a great time. Courtney and I had a list of like 15 things to do, and I think we did a whopping zero of them. We watched this bizarre movie called Santa Sangre, which I'm still puzzling over, so don't ask. We went to Chinatown, which was fun and cheap (though not as cheap as free, which is the only thing I really should have afforded myself) and mainly it was just a lot of running around like the two broke dopes that we are and doing what we could in the meantime.

We did go to the Floating City show, though too late to see them. We saw the Julia Sets, and Everybody Uh-Oh, though (the latter of which had a party contact me regarding booking shows in STL back in, like, June 2002). The Sets played a tamer set than usual, and Everybody Uh-Oh was pretty okay. Then James of the Julia Sets said some strange stuff of which I'm not sure what to make. We swung on some swings on the way to and from the show, and enjoyed getting lost and eating a banana split and trying some weird root beer at various points during my stay(s) there. Truth be told, I'm having trouble remembering what happened before and what happened after my brief return home to attend class on Friday (though I missed my morning class due to a missed flight). All's well that ends well, though, I reckon. And indeed it was a fulfilling time, through and through.

Now I have to write some television news story for my 5:30PM class. Oof.

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