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Hijinx Budge

What the hell is wrong with this semester? Well, at least it's the last one, right?

Maybe I should have asked: what the hell is wrong with ME this semester? Then again, I know it's not just me.

In ascending order of excitability:

"Applied Media Aesthetics": A class in which I'll learn nothing new; it seems like some sort of High School class.
"Law and the Media": Not pointless, but exceedingly boring.
"Scriptwriting": The professor is eccentric enough to make it fun, and we'll be doing some fun things in the class. I just wish it wasn't television-oriented.
"Introduction to French Literature": Brian Kennelly is a hilarious, awesome, energetic dude, and we get to read Ionesco and whatnot.
"Advanced Filmmaking": I didn't know how this'd be, but after the first class, I was convinced it was gonna be pretty exciting. We're doing a lot of stuff I didn't know this class did, and who knows? Maybe a script I write (wrote) will be made into a film! Then again, in some way, I sorta hope not.

Today I saw Al Younger for the first time in weeks; I think I last saw him when we watched the Back to the Future trilogy straight through, and I don't really remember when that was. January sometime I think. It was nice; I gotta get together with him sometime SOONLY.

Hopefully soonly, too, will be some CHICAGO trip.

Pubes played Galaxy last night; it was a success, though a non-paying one (bogus). Authority Zero seemed like good guys, if nothing else. Then Mario and I rented The Man Who Knew Too Little, which of course is comically riotous, and conceptually brilliant, and we made blue lagoons and popcorn and had some mini-Butterfingers. It was great, we were tradin' off candy and popcorn like fucking pros. Dave even commented that we were "snacking pros" or something. Hah, hah.

Then I was bushed, and today I spent in the lab working on some busy-work project for Applied Media Aesthetics and waiting waiting waiting for a sonic gift. I listened to Prune and the Lemonheads and the Breeders and Frank Sinatra, and it was relaxing, I reckon. Then Lizz visited and asked me if I wanted to be on some TV show. Then class happened and it was boring, now I'm back, and I'm a wreck.

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