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There's No Psychs McGee About This. F-in' Psych.

Well I just made a HUGE POST about what's happened recently, but fucking LiveJournal posted my last post as if it were February (initially) for some reason, so I couldn't post the one I'd just composed, since I didn't check the "backdate" box or something. When I hit the "back" thing on my browser, the entry wasn't in the box. Can't something be done about that?

Anyway, to summarize:

Sacrificed fun (which may or may not've happened anyway) last night to go to bed early to get up early to go into Wild Horse Mobil like I've been meaning to for months. Saw sunrise for first time in forever. Red, Mike, & Phil not there. Michele, Charolotte, and Charolotte's granddaughter there. Small talk about this and that, overall cordially done. Returned many uniform shirts. Left feeling as though Michele turned to Charolotte as soon as I was out the door, asking "what the hell was that all about?" At least it's done; that it happened at all is a sign that it went well. Gary's mix CD helped a lot; maybe it's the perfect mix CD. Job search today: wish me luck.

Job search, then Pubes practice (Peat called at 11:00PM last night while I was sleeping on couch and again at 4:15AM while I was sleeping in bed). Then what? Thought about brief Chicago trip, not so sure about that. Talked to Jason last night about how funny it'd be to fly to Chicago (or other close city), have drink in airport's bar, and fly back. No luggage, no satchel, not even so much, perhaps, as a heavy coat. I'd love to say I'd done that in my life, and prob'ly will soon but not this weekend. Is anything really happening tonight/tomorrow? Maybe I should just go to Chicago.

Pubes show with national act Authority Zero doubles as Peat Henry 21st birthday bash on Monday January 27th, at the Galaxy.

That's all I got; even in summation, it was pretty long.

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