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Family Portraiture Of The Greatest Variety

Well, I couldn't be happier with this, I don't think. In any respect. Sorry if it looks a little cropped; that's cuz it is. I was scanning a 10"×13" image on a 9"×12"-bed scanner. Dave's head is therefore a little cut off, but there may be better scans in future times. And it's HUGE. Without further ado:

More specifically, from back to front, left to right:

1st Row: Myself (RØB Severson); Maysam Attaran
2nd Row: Bart _____; Gary Radin, Jr.; Peat Henry
3rd Row: Amy Fredman; Silvia Didian; Courtney Kennedy; Katie _____; Amelia White
4th Row: George Gittens; Casey Fischer; Brian McNearney; Mario Viele; Dave Kirk


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