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Spot The Mommyhead

Sadly we didn't do much work at all on the claymation yesterday. We got really lazy, then made some burgers, then Jeremy watched the last hour or so of Papillon, which seems good, but I hadn't seen the first part and I was just too damned tired to keep my eyes open. Oh, well. We need to start scheduling a time during the week every week that we get together and clay-mate. And we need some more folks on the crew.

Last night Pubes opened up the Super Fun Happy Hour show at the Hi-Pointe. It was a good ol' time. I reckon I played better than I had before; I was tight on all the licks and shit, and Mario thought so, too, and we didn't even practice like we thought we would that day. It was nice.

Then some general hang-outery at Gary's happened. It was nice.

Today, Courtney and I went to the Art Museum, which was a good time cuz I hadn't been in prob'ly like two years. I still knew where everything was s'posed to be, though. They've changed around the modern art section. That one photorealistic Gerhard Richter isn't there anymore; the big wicker thing is there instead. And the huge Titanic-sinking Max Beckmann thing, as well as some other Beckmann stuff, is gone. But they had a whole room devoted to his drawings and that one carnivalesque triptych (which one? Ahh, who knows! He did so many). Anyway, there were some nice Picasso pieces I hadn't seen, and all the other great stuff, and all the other not-so-great stuff. After SLAM time, we went to the ZOO! I haven't been to the zoo since Ron and I went like a year ago or more (when was that, again?) and it was about to close when we got there. Today was great, though, we went through the herpetarium and the bird HOUSE and the bird GARDEN (neither of which is to be confused with the aviary, where we did NOT go due to coldness, although we coulda handled it, come to think of it), and the primate house, but Jungle of the Apes was closed. We saw some bears, and some sea lions, and I reckon we'll just have to see all that other shit next time (camels, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, wild cat country, et c.). The zoo rocks, and they're installing some new stuff that should be awesome opossum! Like a penguin/puffin habitat. Woo!

Then we had some spaghetti lunch complete with grape juice and salad and whatnot. Cooking real meals rocks!

Then class happened. "Applied Media Aesthetics," as Nick Gartner said, "is the class for film majors who...shouldn't be film majors." Too true, Nicky Boy.

Now it's time to vejj out bigtime. Maybe do some dishes. I think I have some outstanding French homework. Ugh. All my classes are full of busywork.

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