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Cranny Vs. Nook

Friday night was Art Show time. I guess my piece was successful or whatever; I overheard some woman say like "I love that pancake" and I guess I shoulda/coulda put a price on it, but I didn't. Oh, well. Even though the show was run in a sort of shitty fashion (charged at door and charged for drinks, unlike most good art shows), there was some okay and even some rather good art there, and Brian McNearney sold some paintings of his for like $1200. Man alive.

Then there was a party at Lauren's, and it was mostly upsetting and stupid and a big mess was made and Lauren was nowhere to be found and some retarded fight happened that made me sort of angry. Let's not talk about that. I missed Samul's birthday party cuz of it, but fuck Samul, he didn't even call me. I got drunk anyway.

Then Saturday was all crazy: Courtney and I went to the Casino and we were dressed all hotshot-like and everyone was looking at us cuz not only were we well-dressed, but we were prob'ly pretty easily the youngest people there. We played some nickel slots, lost big. We played a quarter slot, won okay. We bought several drinks and some shrimp cocktail and had some cookies, and it was a grand ol' time. Then that night was the Peat/George birthday bash at 720 Interdrive, and that was okay, but it doesn't seem like anything really outstanding or worth major note happened. I got rather depressed at various points during the night. Courtney and I went with some Denise (or something) girl to Webster Groves so she could "go home for the night," then sneak out again, to go back to the party. It was sort of confusing, but the party was a two-kegger, and I managed wastedness somewhat quickly (quickly enough, anyway), then came back here and we made some MEAL and it was excellent. Sleep lasted a whopping three hours or something, then it was family portrait time with the 720 Interdrive crew, fifteen people in all, just a bunch of hooligans, and it was hilarious and great. It/they will be posted ASAP; the pictures should be ready Thursday. Then we went to Old Country Buffet, as any good family would after doing something so family-oriented as having their portrait taken. Bill came over after I took Courtney home and we co-wrote a song, and he's actually still here, watching some Simpsons commentary as Russ makes some cherry turnovers. I don't know what's going on with all that, but tomorrow, there's no school.

So, I'll go to Jeremy's to work on the Whole Sick Crew video. Then Pubes play the Super Fun Happy Hour KDHX show at the Hi-Pointe with some other bands (but we're not on the radio; that happens the 3rd of March).

And dudes I have a girlfriend now. She's a PEACH and I'm CRAZY about her. Stupid (or unbelievable) as it sounds. I guess this means the Loser's Guild's existence gets put on hold. Sorry Jason and JoB, and whoever else wanted to be a part of such a fine establishment. Actually, I don't know if Jason's still allowed to be a member or not anyway.

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