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A Year Of Firsts Can Only Be A Year Of Lasts

Blueberry Hill karaoke rocks. Bill did "Uncle Albert" by Paul McCartney before we got there, and then we got there, and he did "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads, and I did Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger," and I reckon it went over okay but I forgot how the one part went, temporarily. Courtney didn't get to sing cuz of some psychery (which was actually more a combination of yeahery and psychery, for those more schooled in such terms) and some weirdo furthermore told her she looked like Squeaky Fromme. Hah, hah.

Before that we went to the Casino Queen and ate some nachos and pretzels and had free soda and gambled away ten dollars worth of quarters. Oh, well.

Before that, we tried to go to the Wax Museum. Parking on the Landing is hell.

Still before that, we found out that St. Louis has some weird miniature museum, that definitely warrants a visit. It (St. Louis) also has ANOTHER wax museum, which is apparently much more professional-like, and relates exclusively to Black History. Also warrants a visit, I think.

And before that still, we watched American Graffiti which was great cuz God knows when the last time I watched that was. I wish there was a soundtrack compilation with EVERY SINGLE SONG from the movie on it. Wouldn't that be a CD without any bad songs? Yes, yes it would.

At some point last night, I saw this thing Russ drew and decided it's pretty much the only tattoo I could maybe ever bring myself to get. Oh, who am I kidding? It was a fucking awesome design, though; I'll try to post a version of it up here sometime. Russ does some great art.

Speaking of ART: Tonight (Friday the 17th of January, 2003) at the Art Co-Op (Gold's Gym building at 1520 Washington, on the 7th floor) there's an art show entitled "RED" and it features work by myself and a small handful of other artists who don't take themselves too seriously (but still make good art), and then prob'ly a lot more artists that do. But who cares? There should be free booze, and I don't think there's a cover.

And the last thing that happened last night (and I mean LAST last, cuz this entry is all in backwards order, as entries I make often tend to be) was awesome cuz it proves I'm on a roll: I kissed another girl! But this time it MEANT something!

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