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Setlist: "Weird Al" Yankovic at Jesse Auditorium (Columbia, Missouri) - 06/08/2018

Midnight Star
Buy Me A Condo
One More Minute
I’ll Sue Ya
Dare To Be Stupid (Grateful Dead)
Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White
Mr. Popeil
Don’t Download This Song
I Remember Larry
My Own Eyes
Velvet Elvis
Eat It/I Lost On Jeopardy!/Amish Paradise/Smells Like Nirvana/White And Nerdy/I Love Rocky Road/Like A Surgeon

Take The Money And Run/Takin’ It To The Streets
The Saga Begins

As this was the Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Vanity Tour or whatever where he didn't play (almost) any direct parodies of specific songs (except for the medley at the end), but stuck almost entirely to Weird Al Originals, and didn't do costume changes or video jumbotron stuff or whatever-else, lots of songs were acoustic-style, and "Dare To Be Stupid" was introduced as (and played in the style of) a lost Grateful Dead rarity, and "Eat It" was in the style of "Layla" by Derek & The Dominoes.

On this tour, they were playing a different setlist every night, and a different straight-up cover toward the end of the set. They started out doing "Take The Money And Run" but Al started doing the whole "stop, Stop, STOP!" thing and making fun of the super-lazy lyrical rhymes in that song; first "El Paso" and "hassle," but he "got over" that one and they started into playing again, but then when the "Texas" and "facts is" rhyme came, he decided he just couldn't do it. SO they played "Takin' It To The Streets" instead.

Also, Al made specific mention of the fact that "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White" is not a song that he ever played very much live, and of course it was brought back into some rotation for this tour, but as this is potentially the last/only time he ever does a tour like this, and it was one of the later shows on the tour, he mentioned it was possibly the last, or at very least one of the last, and only, times that song was ever played live. The tour did not come to Saint Louis.

Emo Phillips opened and was a riot. I went with Carlin Reed and Karen Czmarko. Pretty stupid this is only the third time I've ever seen Weird Al live considering how long I'd been meaning to before I first did a few years ago...I have tickets for the June 22nd show at the Fox, too.
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