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WatchLog MMXV

My computer was down for just about half of MMXV, so I was keeping my movies & TV log with pen, on paper. I just finished transcribing the year into spreadsheet form. It's a month and a half later than it's been the last two years, but nobody's reading this anyway and it's mostly for muh own records! In MMXV:

-I watched 332 episodes of various TV shows (up from 104 in MMXIV). I finished Have Gun--Will Travel, started and finished Dexter (I had previously seen the first two seasons), started and finished Deadwood (for the fourth-ish time? Still the best TV show of the 21st century, hence why I own the DVDs!), started and finished The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr. (just one season, for the second time, I own it), watched those eight Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp episodes, started and finished Big Love (I had previously watched the first two or three seasons), and got three seasons or so through Taxi (I had previously watched the first four seasons, and have, in MMXVI, finished it).

-I watched 491 movies, up from 446 in MMXIV and 366 in MMXIII. An average of 1.34 movies per day.

-I read a whopping FOUR books, way down from 22 in MMXIV and 53 in MMXIII. It takes me a lot longer to read a book now, what can I say? I am only around halfway through my current one, which I started Xmas day or so (having received it then). Two of those four were Harper Lee's only two novels, and a third (Walker Percy's The Moviegoer) also takes place primarily in the south. I didn't write a single GoodReads review in MMXV, but I'm still tracking what I'm reading there, somewhat. Gawrsh the last book I reviewed was His Last Bow (the Sherlock Holmes collection) which I finished over two years ago. Sheesh.
Tags: books, i'm lazy, literature, mmxv, movies, television, year-end survey

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