RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days; not that anyone would care much/at all. Anyway, I'm now at home, and I just hooked up the ol' computer (My new ISP is "thesimpsons.com," very cool), and now I'm online (with only minor technical difficulty, all of which is in the past). So, here I am, at home. Not that home is novelty, but being on my own computer here is. Anyway, moving out was a somewhat sad experience, but it had to be done. Makes me sad to think that I take so long to get friends (going home every weekend really killed me) from school, and now, some of them are transferring to schools that aren't all that close. {Sigh}...I suppose that's how life is; and I reckon I'll prob'ly cry sometime this week, but these things happen, especially to sentimental saps like me. I might wanna get DSL sometime this summer...that is, I do wanna get it, but it's a matter of time/money/stipulations. Last night, Carrie (Loeffel) came to get me and all the rest of my gook in her big ol' van, three cheers for her. Then Ron and Padt arrived and we saw George Hickenlooper's The Big Brass Ring, which I enjoyed, but about which I heard nothing from Ron, Padt, or Carrie. Hickenlooper is a native St. Louisan, and the film was shot almost entirely or entirely in St. Louis, and it was about Missouri politicians, chiefly in St. Louis. The screenplay was based on a 1982 Orson Welles screenplay, and William Hurt, Miranda Richardson, and Nigel Hawthorne starred. Hickenlooper won an Emmy once for his work in directing Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse; the acclaiméd documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now. Oh, did I mention that Hickenlooper was there last night to answer questions after the showing of the film (he'll also be there tonight at tonight's showing, to which I'm not going)? It was interesting; I got his autograph. Apparently his godfather is Ron's lawyer, and he (Ron's Lawyer) had a short spot in the movie. Ron had a lot of surprises last night, and he may've written about them in his journal; haven't checked yet. Regardless, I'll let him tell you about them, as they're his. This is a very long entry already, but if you're a St. Louisan who is reading this, don't be afraid to gimme a call; school's out, baby!
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