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It's definitely true that I have nothing better to do with hours upon hours of internet use at *work* than update LiveJournal.

This time, I don't really have anything to say, though.

Except that taking showers before you go to bed, and moreover, going to sleep in clean sheets just after having taken a shower, is really really really fuggin' excellent.

I wanna go ice skating. Steinburg rink in Forest Park costs five bucks. I wanted to see Bob Reuter and Jon Baer or the Whole Sick Crew and the MoNads tonight, but I think I'm a little (and temporarily only, of course) burned out on going to shows, especially WSC shows, but man do those guys ever fuggin' rock balls. So maybe ice skating shall be the order of the evening. Or maybe I shouldn't afford myself the luxury, since I'm really more broke than I think even I know. I have textbooks to buy still, too. Oof.

Russ and I watched Hype! last night, which I bought like a year or two ago at Deals! with Ron, for one dollar. I'd never watched it all the way through. It was really awesome, and nostalgic in a way, and today, I brought some of my old "Grunge" CDs to work to listen to. Eee!

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