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Reddy Freddy & Whitey Herzog

Indeed I slept for six hours between eleven PM last night and 5AM this morning. Now I'm up and I can't seem to re-bed myself. I didn't get drunk or otherwise really do anything as intended.

So the first day of school was different. Usually when I go back to school after summer or winter break, I'm really excited to see all my friends who I haven't seen for a month (more or less, depending). This first day back was different. I found myself hoping I wouldn't run into anyone, and relatively neutral about the people I did run into. I was glad to see & help Chelsea, though, cuz God knows she needed it. I'd thought about her earlier in the day, having remembered that she just started at Webster and not having talked to her about that the night before at Xmas Round II. And since I fell asleep unwittingly, and pretty much got more sleep than I ever do at night, and certainly much more than I planned to on this particular night, it still seems like Monday, like I haven't gone to bed yet. What a waste of a night. I hate sleep (but of course, I love sleeping).

I'm so used to this month (and more) I've spent just hanging out across the street and getting drunk much more than usual, or in any case, drinking a lot more than usual. I just want party time at Gary's to last a little longer, but apparently it's over now, at least, on the same terms as it's been these several weeks. And how I wish I'd met (or rather, familiarized myself) with that crew years ago. Story of my life: Wanting to belong to this group and that group and whatever other group, and in the end, really considering myself part of no group. Once, Ben Kumming told me he considered people like Ron and Jason and I his "indie-rock friends." Now, I wonder if Ben Kumming considers me at all. Or at least, as often as I do him.

My roommate told me today that that gorilla Koko is like 35 years old now, knows over 1000 words in sign language, has been proven capable of abstract thought (when asked about death, she said something about the changing of the seasons), and has an IQ of something like 87. They're apparently training gorillas earlier now, in hopes that they can end up even smarter. I don't know why I just thought of that, let alone decided to post it, but I think it's rather remarkable.

What a strange emotional and physical state I'm in. For one, my calves are still KILLING me (it hurts to walk and especially to climb stairs) from, I assume, those seven flights I climbed, and quickly thereafter, descended, yesterday. Er, Sunday.

And this was a "quick entry," friends.

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