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LoserLog MMXIV


- I watched 104 episodes of various TV shows (including Mr. Show of which I watched all, original Twilight Zone of which I finished all, Breaking Bad of which I finished all, Hatfields And McCoys and a few other mini-series, The Muppet Show, and Have Gun--Will Travel) - down from 200+ in MMXIII, but the movie count is a bunch higher.

- I watched 446 movies (1.2 movies/day), up from 366 in MMXIII.

- I read 22 books. Quite a ways down from MMXIII's 53...it had somewhat to do with a promotion at work leading to less reading time but even more so just kinda getting stuck on a few books that just took me longer to get through (Malory's La Morte D'Arthur took me 144 days, and I've been reading Dorothy Parker's Complete Poems since December 15th), not because they sucked, or were too long (though Arthur is 512 pages, and A Confederacy Of Dunces is 406, and East Of Eden is 627, but these latter two only took 19 and 21 days, respectively), but just because I was occupying myself in other ways, or whatever. I guess? Anyway I'm still indicating what I'm reading (but way behind on "closing out" with a review) on GoodReads, which is still my favorite social network.

For the record (in case I never have mentioned it before), I count TV movies (and short films, too) as movies, but I count TV miniseries as however-many TV show episodes (2 for Neverland, 3 for East Of Eden, 3 for Hatfields & McCoys, et cetera).

Weirdly/Coincidentally, it was exactly a year ago today (03 February) that I made the MMXIII version of this post.
Tags: books, john steinbeck, literature, mmxiv, movies, television, year-end survey

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