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Jack'm O-Lanterns

So once upon a time I made an LJ entry where I went over the Jack-O-Lanterns I had made for the past few years. I thought maybe I had made it a sort of entry-in-progress where I updated it with each new year's Jack-O-Lantern. I definitely did not do that, but I absolutely should have, because I nearly forgot what I'd done some of these years (thanks Flickr for reminding me!). Anyway, this is now officially THAT POST which I'll update annually (or try to remember to) with each new Jack-O-Lantern I make (including links to pictures or video if they're available).

2020 - Didn't carve anything for Halloween (though did bring the pumpkin with me to Atlanta, where I spent Halloween, and back) but the pumpkin was still uncarved as of XRII MMXXI...I had a broken arm at the time, but enlisted Casey Hunt to carve "XRII / #XX / MMXXI" onto it.
2019 - Didn't carve anything for Halloween but the pumpkin was still uncarved as of Thanxgiving so I made pumpkin soup and pumpkin pancakes and carved a turkey into it for Thanxgiving at Lauren & Patrick's.
2018 - I don't exactly remember but I mighta just totally biffed it this year. Pretty sure I at least made pumpkin soup out of the pumpkin I had otherwise bought to carve, though.
2017 - I carved the pumpkin into a helmet to wear on my head. I dressed all in green and my costume was "a vine." Not bad! Got kinda annoying to have a heavy-ass pumpkin on the dome for extended periods of time. I kept carving out a little more and a little more to make it lighter.
2016ish - I was busy, and lazy, and whatever-else was going on, and I never had time to carve a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. BUT I had bought a pumpkin. And the pumpkin I kept for months on end, until early January 2017 came around, and it was good buddy Kevin Stroup's 60th birthday, and for his big 60th party I carved "HAPPY LXth KEVIN" into the pumpkin, which was still totally fine and carve-able and not at all mushy or otherwise showing the least signs of being several months off the vine. The party was on 01/07/2017 and I gotta say I love the idea of a January jack-o-lantern. Who does that!?
2015 - The Flux Capacitor (my costume was BTTF2 Doc Brown from "the future" of October 2015)
2014 - Wait and see! I have some ideas... It was MR NASTI's face. Pictures...someday.
2013 - Team Pancakes (as you can see, our team name was carved into it and also it was a storage receptacle for the pumpkin pie raisin spice pancakes I brought both to Saratoga Lanes and to Ross & Kim's party)
2012 - STL Cinemas' logo (it was on display at the Moolah Theatre & Lounge for a few days) and when that one got too ripe, CLOUD ATLAS (the movie the Moolah was showing at the time)
2011 - I made SIX that year: Fishboy (webcomic version)'s face, "Turn/Other" & The/Cheek, King, Kong, and Mag/Net/Ics. All were made for particular concerts (Fishboy @ PPHQ, Turn The Other Cheek Burlesque @ Handle Bar, and KKM @ Upstairs Lounge)
2010 - Eric Von Damage With A Macaw Eating His Head, an artistic interpretation of the photograph on the back of this Pancake Platter
2009 - Billy The SAW Puppet
2008 - Mayor McCheese Campaign
2007 - Lurch from The Addams Family (no salvageable pictures taken, weird!)
2006 - Rolling Stones Tongue (see userpic)
2005 - Award-winning Unicorn Head
2004 - Scuba Diver (there were some pictures on Ron's old Webster University server space but I believe that's all gone now) (Courtney did an underwater scene with fish and reeds to complement)
2003 - Schroeder (of PEANUTS)'s Face (Courtney did Lucy wearing a witch's hat)
BEFORE 2003 - I guess I wasn't regularly doing Jack-O-Lanterns for a few years, and before that, who knows?
Tags: #xx, halloween, history, jack-o-lantern, pumpkin

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