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Gettin' Googzy

I am headin' out on this tour on Friday and it feels like the most "put together" tour yet. I guess you learn a little bit about setting this crap up each time ya do it. So much of it is still just absolutely blind luck or circumstance, though...like, I don't know that I feel as though I did anything so different or more calculated this time as opposed to other times, it just seemed to happen more easily. I was trying to talk Andy Garces into going on tour the other day and amazed even myself with all the good reasons I was able to come up with, on the spur of the moment, for doing it. I really hope those Vanilla Beans do some touring some day.

Martin Tapia made an amazing poster for the show in Oberlin on Monday and I stole the image for this new LJ icon (and for my tour in general). Given that it was a member of Red Pony Clock who originally called Googolplexia "Googz," it's appropriate enough that Martin made this poster (although I think it was Dave that I first heard use it. I didn't even know what he was talking about, he had to explain it to me. Durrp!). I mean, by this time, I have fully adopted the nickname "GOOGZ."

If ya know anyone in the places listed below, tell 'em to go see Googolplexia in the next coupla weeks, and to say hello. One of those reasons mentioned above that I gave Andy was "meeting people in all kindsa weird places, and finding out some of them know yer friends!" Links will be to FaceBook events or the like where applicable.

TUESDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER – Saint Louis, Missouri @ Foam with Bobby Stevens, Carondelet Guy, Syna So Pro, Annalibera (Des Moines, IA), and MR NASTI (Fairfield, IA) [I have like 50 new T-Shirts and other items of Googz gear so this is the "release show" for that stuff in addition to being tour kickoff]

FRIDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER – Columbus, Ohio @ TreeBar with Church Camp, Purple Pyramids, and Animal Cubes

SATURDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER – Oberlin, Ohio @ The Feve with Martin David Tapia (of Red Pony Clock) and Leia Von Hohenfeld (of Afternoon Naps)’s Magical Music Box Mobius Strip!

SUNDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER – Ypsilanti, Michigan @ Café Ollie with Jo Pie Whyld, Melissa Sklar, and Oak Openings

MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER – Chicago, Illinois @ One Group Mind Theater / Links Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield (entrance at 956 W. Newport) with improv troupe Partyin’ Yossarian and Lord Of The Yum-Yum (and who knows, Dick Move? Maybe?)

TUESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER – Rock Island, Illinois @ Rozz-Tox

WEDNESDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER – Beloit, Wisconsin @ Coughy Haus with No Monster Club (Ireland) and M. Sord (Kalamazoo, MI)

THURSDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER – Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ Frank’s Power Plant with Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure and Economy Superstar -

FRIDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER – Dubuque, Iowa @ The Lift with Bones Jugs N Harmony (Urbana-Champaign, IL) -

SATURDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER – Ames, Iowa (Maximum Ames Music Festival!) @ Vinyl Café with Dubb Nubb (Saint Louis/Columbia, MO), Lesbian Poetry (Des Moines, IA), and Dear Rabbit (Colorado)

SUNDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER – Lincoln, Nebraska @ 2Smoov (947 S. 29th) with TBA

MONDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER – Kansas City, Missouri @ The Middle East (4209 E. 59th) with Blondie Brunetti and Mosquito Bandito

TUESDAY, 01 OCTOBER – Columbia, Missouri @ TBA with Devin Frank + TBA
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