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96 Hours Of North County Fun

School's back. Not so bad. I don't have class before 11:00AM on any day. On Tuesday, I don't have class 'til 05:30PM. On Thursday, I'm class-free. Other than that, it's all about 11:00AM. Which really seems like too much to hope for in my last semester of college (as it were).

That reminds me: I need to do portfolio review (waaaaaay overdue) and write to the Dean of the School of Communications or whatever, asking her to let me graduate in May and within a year thereafter, complete a senior overview (hopefully over summer. That's what I'm counting on, anyway).

I want a job at Kinko's. So badly. And I think I'm going to attempt to attain said job within the coming week.

Thursday night was karaoke time with Bill and Courtney at Blueberry Hill. We missed all the songs that Bill did. His friend Brendan (a real karaoke champ) did "Sympathy For The Devil" by Rolling Stones and Courtney did "Runaround Sue" by Dion and then I did "Little Darlin' " by the Diamonds (these last two in a row); it was a double-whammy of late-'50s/early-'60s vocal group excellence. It was a good time all around, and everyone did a great job. Then I think it might've been root beer float time, but I can't really remember exactly. Then it was time to take Courtney home (North County Visit Of The Week #1).

Friday afternoon, I found out online that Pubes were, in fact, going to be on the bill at the Arcade Lanes show. However, it was mentioned online as a three-Pube show, and I was confused, cuz while I'd been a little relieved that no Pubes show was to happen on Friday, so that I could go to one of the other shows that night, I also attempted to maintain the impression (on others) that I was completely willing to play with Pubes if asked. So, I just showed up to Arcade, bass in hand (figuratively). When I got there, a bunch of rock young'ns were milling about. I found Maysam. He told me the show was off. It was rescheduled for a dude's house in Florissant (some of the MoNads live at this house). I stayed at the Lanes and talked to Jim (78-year-old owner dude) for awhile after everyone left, then Nicole & Jaffa & Chelsea showed up, and I left Jim for the show with those three. We got there (North County Visit Of The Week #2), and I bought some booze for Zach of Disorange. Then Disorange played, and then Dead New York Cops played, and then Clox played, then Hellrazors played, then Pubes played. It was great; I used Ingelise's bass cuz the plug on mine fell into the bass. Oof! It was a great time, and booze was had by all, and then I went with the three folks I came with and Lizzy to Courtesy Diner. After that, some hanging out at Jason (courtyard-sharer Jason)'s place with Amy Frogpockets and some other jokers occurred.

Saturday I went to see the Whole Sick Crew at Frederick's, and even though I've seen 'em a shitload recently, that was the first time since New Years that they were complete, and they played some songs I hadn't heard in some time. They lent me some equipment for XRII and told me about a party at this guy Marty's house (Lou and Christine[?] of Whole Sick Crew-friend fame live there, too), and he's this extremely nice 40-year-old guy with a huge mansion and lots of booze, and it was a great time, especially after I got Peat, Gary, Bart, Katie, Amelia, Amy, Courtney, Brian, George, and company (did I miss anyone?) to get on over there. I beat Amelia at bloody knuckles (having been all wasted, as we all were) and hung out in this room with tons of Hot Wheels toys, and then looked in these other rooms, and there was a mother-lovin' actual Roy Lichtenstein original print (at least, we decided it was) at this house (from 1967 or so). Wow, it was amazing. Brien drove my car (with me in it) home and Bobbi followed us but we lost her and there was some confusion and I hope she wasn't too angry or otherwise drunk.

Then YESTERDAY was the big 2ND ANNUAL XMAS ROUND II MUSICAL BONANZA! We didn't get rid of as many ornaments as I would've liked, or otherwise thought we would, and I don't really know what to do with them now. So, if anyone that was there, or even wasn't there, who reads this, wants an official commemorative 2nd Annual XRII Musical Bonanza Xmas Ornament, lemme know, we'll arrange something (They're FREE and each one was hand-designed by myself, Courtney, or Russ on Wednesday night). Lots of folks showed up, and all the acts (Cuando Greg & The Chives; SpaceFace AKA Ryan Samul; Butt; and Roadkill) were great in spite of what they may've said about themselves, and a good time was had by all. Russ and Bill and Maysam joined me on three diff'rent songs, and Courtney sang "Cop A Feel" with Butt, and I played "Wham-DING!" with Butt on accordion. I knew Mark (Sarich, owner/proprieter of Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center) would love Cuando Greg & The Chives as soon as they started, and surely enough, he was hooked. He says we can do XRII there next year again if we want, too. !.

Then Bill and Russ and Courtney and Jessica and Maysam and Andrea and I were back at our place and we put Courtney on trial for giving us bad directions to her house, which she didn't really do at all, but somehow the jury (Jessica and Andrea) found her guilty. Maysam's a terrible prosecuting attorney. Especially when high. Somehow I was the plaintiff, which I don't understand either. But it was fun, as Pancake Productions Court always is. Bill was the best defense attorney ever, too. Surely better than Peat Henry.

I'll interject here that earlier yesterday, I was at the Art Co-op with Brian and then Peat, installing my piece for the show this Friday. The show is called "RED" and it starts at 7:00PM on Friday at the Art Co-Op (1520 Washinton, 7th floor). Come see Pancake Time! After installing it at the space, I practiced and waited for Maysam to come, but some stuff didn't get off the ground 'til much later than I anticipated, and then Courtney needed a ride, and who am I to turn down a person who needs a ride to Xmas Round II festivities (North County Visit Of The Week #3)?

Okay, then after PPHQ court, Courtney and I drove around North County (North County Visit Of The Week #4) and saw the Monopoly neighborhood, and got angry at a bunch of Amoco stations (just because!) and I saw her house and we drank juice and got gas and engaged in general adventuring until like 5:00AM. Silly me! I had class this morning at 11:00AM. Originally I had intentions to return home after that first class, but instead I came into "work" here at the Priest House Computer Lab. Tonight's the battle of the bands with the PTA against a bunch of metal stuff at Pop's. How hilarious that will be! I might be late, I do have class 'til 08:30PM tonight.

What a lot of time I spent in North County in the past four days! Surely more than ever before.

I think that just about brings us up to speed, though. I wonder if I'll ever be able to make short yet informative entries again. Actually, I was never really able to do that, at all. Anyway: 'Til next time!

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