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Do You Know This Guy?

Oh yes, a priceless anecdote: This feller who was there at Market Grill yesterday while I was setting up was kind of chatting with me about what I was gonna do, and then he asked, in all sincerity, something to the effect of "have you ever heard of this guy Googolplexia?" Hah! This fellow is in this band Death Of Yeti, which he claimed played that Dudes Magazine release (or anyway, played with me sometime at The Warehouse, but that's the only time I've been to, let alone played, The Warehouse), but I think he was confused cuz I don't think that band played that. Maybe he just went to the show? He said something like "but you didn't have those glasses then, did you?" (Yes, I did.) Anyway, that's a first.
Tags: googolplexia, i'm awesome, market grill, soulard, the warehouse

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