RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Xmas Round Two

Pancake Productions Presents
The Second Annual Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza!
Starring all of your favorite local sloppy, bizarre, goofy, zany, pop acts!
This coming Sunday, January 12th, 2003, at 09:00PM
At The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
3301 Lemp Avenue, where Lemp meets Utah
In the fantastic Lemp district of downtown St. Louis

FEATURING (in alphabetical order):

BUTT: Dubbed "Deranged Brainiacs" by René Spencer Saller of the Riverfront Times and containing former and current members of local bands of varying acclaim such as the Sex Robots, the Pubes, the Ottomen, Son of a Bitch, Butt, and the Perverts, Butt, who recently appeared on the stellar local compilation "A Very Bert Dax Christmas," will be playing their second show ever! Not to be missed!

CUANDO GREG & THE CHIVES: In their first performance after two years as a band with an oft-changing lineup, Cuando Greg and her band of Chives are bound to bring wild kazoo-based mayhem!

THE ROADKILL: Solo RØB Severson of Mustardfish and the Pubes (that's me). For the first time EVER, the Roadkill will be playing practically ALL ORIGINALS! The Roadkill do, however, still encourage singing along.

RYAN SAMUL: Yes, friends, the same local hotshot cinematographer Ryan Samul that you know and love! If you miss the show, you miss Mr. Samul's riotous and sometimes offensive odes to common and no-so-common objects and incidents. All brought to you on a tiny Casio keyboard.

ALL AGES! Come on out and give and receive gifts, sing carols, and engage in general holiday spiritry. Cuz after all, who says Xmas only comes once a year?

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