RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Well, how 'bout that. I mention the freakin' fact that nobody responds, an lo! Responses! Anyway, thanks for the info, Mark. I knew Tojo was some Japanese WWII dude of some variety. And Ron, I have not yet disconnected my computer, nor will I 'til tomorrow (Friday) evening, when I'm just about to move out. I mean, really...this thing is my life. Would I take it out before everything else was gone? I think not. AIM was just being a jerk and not letting me connect today, so I left it where I was. Listening to the song "Dentist!" from the Little Shop of Horrors Original Cast soundtrack. What a fantastic little play/musical/movie(s). Saw Higher Learning last night; it was pretty good, pretty powerful. And here's another history buff trivia question for Mark or anyone else that should like to answer: What was the more common name of Frederick Barbarossa, who became Holy Roman Emporer in 1152 and held the position until 1190? 'Til next time...

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