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Bilted Bladdo

These nights are strange.

I forgot to go to Gary's tonight and pick up the form to get my huge pancake in the art show. That's pretty dumb, since Gary lives right across the street. Hell, I could PROB'LY go over there now, but then, 4:21AM is a little bit late for a weeknight, even for Gary's, I think.

Last night was carbomb night over there, and I had three and wasn't done for, but had had my fair share. I bought some of Brian's records, and got some good stuff...nine good records for ten bucks can't be beat at any rate. Before Gary's, I jammed with Bill and we hung out and listened to some Bunnygrunt and Give Her A Lizard from like 8-10 years ago and shit. Then today I finished up writing the song I had the idea for two nights ago (pretty quick work, if I do say so myself!). Also, I played some phone tag trying to get the Whole Sick Crew on the bill for tonight's show, which they ended up indeed playing. It was at the Comedy Forum in St. Peters, which is a hilarious joint, but the dude that runs it is apparently some sort of liar, and from what I observed, a little bit of a scheisster, too. Naturally, we didn't play the show for pay, but the guy told Pat (Walsh, of PTA) that if we had 15-20 people come, and there were some people hittin' the bar, they'd definitely be able to pay us. Come the end of the night, and the guy tells me that "only" about $100 bar and $100 door had been made. Quick math led me to the conclusion that at least 20 people had therefore paid admission, and since the guy was arguing that $200 wasn't enough to pay us, even though he CHARGED ADMISSION TO PEOPLE THAT WERE THERE TO SEE US, AND NOT TO SEE HIS STUPID FUCKING CHEESY-ASS SECOND-RATE MIDDLE-OF-NOWHERE CLUB, FOR GOD'S SAKE, what he had said to Pat was obviously a contradiction of dual possibility. What a joke. Well, there's one place I'll never revisit, whether by virtue of what a dope that guy was, how corny the place was, or just how fucking far one has to drive to get there. And God knows, I paid $3.75 for as many nachos as I coulda bought at Taco Bell right next door for like $1.70. Shows what happens when you patronize a cause. Apparently this guy was doing it for the sake of independent music. I wonder why, then, his operation is so remote from anyplace, whether in the area (St. Louis, et c.) or otherwise, where most or all of the good music is being produced and showcased. Whatever.

Anyway, the show itself was also strange. The Whole Sick Crew played as a four-piece, which I've seen more than once, so it wasn't necessarily awkward or un-workable. I mean, hell, for a long time, most people never saw them complete, but now that Leslie's not in the band anymore, that'll be easier (to see them complete, that is), I suppose. They were complete on New Years Eve, since that was the night Leslie basically was canned. Oh, well. Then we played, and for some reason, I can't shake this awkward Pubes tension that I've been sensing lately. Even if it doesn't exist for anyone else, I sense it for myself, and I guess that means, from my standpoint, at least, it exists. Am I making sense? It seems as though when I extract myself from the situation and examine my relationship with each of the individual members of the Pubes, nothing is strange at all, but as a whole...I don't know. The show was best described by someone else with the adjectives "uncomfortable" and "dumb," and such was only compounded when Peat held the mic out to me for a part of "Party Hard," and, never having heard the original version of the song before, and otherwise always having had a hard time deciphering what Peat sings, whether cover or original, live or recorded, I didn't know the lyrics. So, I just stood there like a moron, and apparently it was totally noticed by everyone, I felt pretty retarded. Later when Pat from the PTA made fun of me for it publicly, it was pretty funny, though. The good ol' PTA; always good for a good time. They were good stuff, and unfortunately only play one more show (appropriately enough, a battle of the bands against a bunch of metal bands-HAH HAH) with their current lineup. Tom's leaving to pursue his other band, Saturday. Anyway, it was fun, objectively, but douchebag ownder dude and the overall awkwardness made it less than pleasant somehow. At least lots of folks came out, in spite of the distance; that was nice to see.

Then I came back here and ate, and then I went and hung out with Brien, Robb (who was basically passed out the whole time), and Jeremy of the Whole Sick Crew, and a girl named Bobbi who's sorta Brien's girlfriend or whatever was there too. We listened to the unmastered version of their recent recordings, which unfortunately, I feel, fail to do them justice. Still, I'll maintain my self-appointed status as first on the list of prospective buyers of their disc.

I vacuumed yesterday. It was really nice! Strange though it seems, it was a great feeling and I hope to do it more, soon. And tomorrow, I'm gonna try and build the "music room" into a stage. I need to create and copy and cut out some handbills for Xmas Round II. Also, Jeremy (of the Whole Sick Crew) and I are gonna start to at least plan out the claymation music video we'll be doing for WSC. Exciting!

I'll be in bed soon.

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