RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Is The 'Goose Loose?

Helped MONGOOSE move into PPHQ this weekend. We saw Kevster walkin' down Delmar while moving stuff, it was kinda funny. "That's the dude whose room you're moving into!" Now this place is the stereotypical primo bachelor pad (again), we sat around watching some TNG tonight. Hopefully the hygienic quality won't suffer as a result. The bathroom is long overdue for a clean, so is the kitchen floor, hopefully I can get around to not being lazy long enough to get to some of this very soon.

I just paid bills, holy cow let's talk about my emergency need of employment! SLCL always sends the same form letter rejection, I wonder how I can get in touch with an actual person there, or otherwise better my chances at getting one of the many jobs I'm clearly not qualified for (you know, the 16-hour-a-week, $9.50-per-hour book-shelving jobs).

I went and saw THE BIRDS today (for free!) at the Hi-Pointe and Tippi Hedren was there, she got interviewed by the one TCM dude (the younger one). She praised Hitchcock's brilliance and bad-mouthed his cruelty. Apparently he ruined her career because she refused his stalkerish advances and tried to get out of her contract to him, or something. The Hi-Pointe was completely full! After the initial commercials for Charter and TCM were clearly digital I was worried this would just be some loser DVD projection but thankfully it ended up being a 35mm print. Not a new one or anything, but a plenty-nice one. I think I am pretty into the ending of THE BIRDS...no explanations, no real closure, no questions answered, just BIRDS, THEY'RE EVIL, EH?
Tags: chores, hi-pointe, house, library, movies, moving, pphq, star trek, work

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