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Oof. Here comes a long f-in' entry.

I guess I'll start with the first (of two) release shows for the new Bert Dax Cavalcade of Stars compilation, entitled "A Very Bert Dax Christmas," which took place on December 13th, 2002. Butt started out, and of course, were awesome. It was there that I decided they'd play XRII for sure (I'll post information about this year's upcoming XRII celebration later). Then the Flamerz played, and they were good stuff. Then the Julia Sets played, and were great as always, and at one point Matt Harnish was wearing nothing but a strip of tape. Yowzer! Many people showed up and all had a good time. The following night equaled the first show with the Fantasy Four opening up, then the Gentlemen Callers, then the Brown Company, then the Phonocaptors (I think that was the order, anyway). It was most excellent. I'd rank both shows among the very best (local shows) I've ever seen. In fact, I'd prob'ly count it all as one show, and just call it great shit all around.

I saw the Julia Sets again, a week later, on the 20th, at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, opening for V for Vendetta. Blueberry and Aleta of the Star Death also opened the show with some performance art that was great. The show was excellent, but I was still sorta bummed that the Mustardfish/Whole Sick Crew show that was supposed to happen that day was cancelled.

The next day, the 21st, was the big STLPunk.com benefit blowout with the Pubes, and the day was pretty shitty (running around in West County like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get a hold of Ava Clay, since she was supposed to make some costumes for the Pubes show, and missing band practice for that), to the point that I felt sick when I showed up to the show the second time (I went home in between to call Ava and wait for her to call back, et c....all to no avail), and I vomited in the Arcade Lanes toilet...unfortunately, I vomited in the toilet that doesn't flush. I was feeling rather down that night in any case, having found out the night before that the day before, the Pubes had recorded, and in spite of what I was told at one point, I wasn't used for the recording. Not only that, but they didn't even tell me they were recording! As if it were some secret. I'm still a little weirded out and more than just a little disillusioned with the Pubes because of this. If they'd told me why they didn't want me to be on the record, I can imagine I'd be like "big deal, who cares?" but the fact that they were all sneaky about it raises a lot of questions. In any case, by the time the show ended, I was having a good time and feeling great, dressed as Santa Claus, and having hosted the contest to decide who was the sassiest couple in St. Louis.

Then some who-knows-what happened. I was in Texas for awhile. I got some useful stuff for Xmas: An iron, and ironing board (had to stay in Texas due to some baggage error), a vacuum cleaner, a coupla bucks, a set of sharpie markers with every color of the rainbow, and then some (!), some of my watches were fixed (batteries replaced, that is), a hoodie, a thimble from Massachusetts, Elvis's #1 hits CD, some special issue Elvis magazine thing, the Back to the Future trilogy on DVD, and Def Leppard's "Hysteria" on cassette--plus some other odds and ends; stocking stuffers, mostly. Presents-wise, it might have very well been the best Xmas ever.

I got an eye exam, I saw the new Lord of the Rings Movie with Jason, et c.

Then New Years Eve was great. In summation: After getting back to Gary's from a booze run (with Amelia, Amy, and Courtney--we all came up with code names and catch phrases for the night, even though we didn't end up at the same place all that much afterward), everyone had changed their minds about wanting to see the Whole Sick Crew. Courtney and I still did, so we saw them, at the end of a crowded, narrow corridor, with their backs to a fogged-up picture window that, were it not for the fog, would have looked out onto Grand; it was fantastic and something about it made me feel warm inside, as if this would be a spoken of "good old day" or "remember when..." if the Whole Sick Crew ever got famous. Then Courtney and I rang in the New Year by popping the corks off our respective champagne bottles at the stroke of midnight, and just sitting in my car drinking champagne and smoking cigars and hangin' out. Then that aforementioned kiss crap happened (and no, it wasn't with Courtney; I've neglected to mention who it was on purpose to protect the innocent...or in this case, I guess the guilty), and then Courtney and I went back to Gary's, where all hell had broken loose and everyone was sort of in angry bad moods cuz some friends of ours had been beaten with bats for no reason. Courtney and I decided it was a little depressing there, in spite of Andy & John's somewhat successful (and never out-of-the-ordinary, but always great) attempts to be totally cheerful and funny. We therefore went to Carla's place to see if her party was still going on. Nobody was there; I found out the other day that her party had been broken up several hours before we arrived. We went to Martha's after that, and it was just Martha and her friend Nora and some guy there, all about to go to bed. We said hello and happy new year and left after about five minutes. Then we came back here and had GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES and TOMATO SOUP and ROOT BEER! Man, what a fantastic New Years Eve. It really was top-of-the-line, if a little bizarre, for whatever reason.

Since then, it's been a lot of vegging and getting little accomplished. Yesterday, Russ and I went to Miser's Discount Furniture on Big Bend, and that place is HILARIOUS. We also went to the Treasure Aisle Antique Mall, right next door to that, and it was neat as well. Then last night, Pubes played at the Hi-Pointe, then everyone went to Lauren's party. When we got there, besides Lauren, there were like five people at the party, Dan and Ron among them. I basically had told a shitload of people about the party, and some of them had told others (most or all of which I knew, too), and after everyone arrived, there were around 30 people there. It was hysterical.

Today, I woke up early to take Peat and...Liz?...back here where they'd parked, then I went to bed and slept in and woke up late. I vegged and dawdled on the internet for awhile, before going to buy the vacuum and the shelves we'd looked for yesterday and a lamp. Then I went and saw the most insane, energetic, hilarious band at the Creepy Crawl, called Peelander-Z. A Japanese punk rock trio who you'd (trust me) prefer not to miss, if they come anywhere near you. I'd meant to see them several months ago when they were in town, but missed it...boy do I feel stupid for having done that. I gave Jeff (Booking guy for Creepy Crawl) hell, and indeed even said "How dare you not book Mustardfish for this show?" He was a little drunk, but I told him he'd better do so next time they were in town. I personally think Mustardfish'd have been a better match for Peelander-Z than most or all of the opening bands that played (all six of them--there were supposed to be seven, even--I'd never seen a show with so many bands at the Creepy Crawl, even though I missed the first two). Of course, though, I was also there to see my boys Corbeta Corbata, who stopped the show in the middle of their last song to put an end to a fight that was apparently happening in the pit. Eric (drummer) even came to the front of the stage and put his hands on his hips and everything. It was hilarious, and SO Corbeta Corbata. Way to go, fellas.

When I got home, Mark Viceroy was lost on the balcony of the third floor of our building (I came in the back way). He was looking for Jason's, which is, of course, at the top of the other building that shares our courtyard. I talked to him briefly, and apparently he's starting a band with some guys he works with, at the Pasta House. Marky Vicodin and the Rayguns, he told me he's going to try to convince the others to call the band. Gary's place was locked and nobody was there. A message on my phone from Peat indicated some party was going on, but after calling Peat twice and leaving a message once, the only call back I got was a coupla hours later, about an hour ago now, that was nothing more than a classic Peat drunk rambling cell phone quasi-prank. Hah, hah...oh, well, I prob'ly shouldn't have gotten drunk tonight anyhow.

I hope I didn't forget anything important. But then, what is importance?


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