RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Laugh It Up, Johnny

I heard that hed is getting married (even though he FAILED to tell me!) so I wanted to preserve his amazing LJ profile here in case he decides to take it down as a result (and you'll see what I mean, I think, if you read all the way through):

What is there to know about me?? I'm a music Nazi first and foremost...I like the absence of colour black...I work and get paid and this is nice...I type fast...I am opinionated and I laugh a lot...I feel the best way to go around life is with a humerous cynical view of how it all works out...know that most is shit but just fucking laugh it up johnny...furthermore my tombstone I don't like their pizzas will read
Here lies the quickly decomposing remains of a cynical sarcastic man who never stopped laughing despite the shit of the world. A man who cared and was willing to sacrifice, unconditionally, for those important to him. And he was one fucking BAD ASS Musician. he is survived by no children and saw no purpose in marriage thus no wife.
...anywho...want to know more then fucking ask...DOUCHE

For clarity's sake, I think that part about liking the absence of the color black is a reference to an attribute of the color black itself (its "absence") rather than an actual absence (i.e. an altogether lack) of the color black.

Keep in mind I'm a licensed (and experienced) wedding minister (who'll travel!) when planning the big day, HED!
Tags: andrew thiermann, livejournal, wedding

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