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New Pageys

Oh yeah, I made some new pages for my website, just place-holders to function in the meantime between now and the unleashing of the new re-design. I made not only this COMPILATIONS page but also this sorta MISCELLANEOUS page (for releases from bands where I didn't want to spend the time making a whole sub-site for the band, like I'll probably eventually have, since I'm just hand-coding this stuff with my vast HTML knowledge and it takes too long to make it worth it when those pages are just gonna go obsolete upon the unleashing of said forthcoming re-design), as well as the pages for each of the (seven or so) releases featured between those two pages. It's still not monsterously pretty or anything, but at least now there's an outlet for people to purchase everything in my catalogue online using PayPal and without having to E-Mail me or whatever.

I checked my Google PageRank the other day while updating for the first time since losing my SEO job, and PancakeProductions.net has a PageRank of 4 now, wow. That's as high as it ever was (maybe higher?). I wonder if people still think Google PageRank matters (at all, or even) to the exclusion of thinking anything else matters; I bet they do! Suckers!
Tags: cds, i'm awesome, music, pancake productions, pancakeproductions.net, websites

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