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Exhibiting No Grit, True Or Otherwise, Whatsoever

So my collection of books is in terrible disarray; many of them are in the order I want them to be but many more, that is, more recent acquisitions, are sorta strewn across some shelves in a pretty haphazard way. Recently I was going through some of these recent acquisitions (I don't even know what's in there at this point), and found/remembered a copy of True Grit I'd acquired in the past year or two. I think it's like the first paperback version of the book ever made...a 95¢ cover price, and advertisements for the "forthcoming Paramount Picture." After finishing On The Road (something I prolonged doing, sorta on purpose) I decided on a whim to read True Grit. For the first time in perhaps forever I am probably going to finish a novel within 24 hours. I think the last time was Go Ask Alice which I read during the great blizzard snowstorm power-outages of...early December 2006? That was before I started tracking the books I read, which I did in August of 2007. Just lying there in my bed, as the temperature in my house slowly worked its way down past 40˚F and the light slowly worked its way down past "unreadable"...I believe we ended up staying at Courtney's parents' house that night in order to survive. It was sorta miserable but sort of a fond memory too; that was the weekend I acted in Hannah Radcliff's pink elephant movie and picked up my copy of the Hi-Pointe intersection poster, which now hangs on my living room wall above my DVD cabinet, from The Royale. Oops, TANGENT ALERT! Anyway as to True Grit, I'm not blasting through it because it's better than other things I've been reading, or more engaging, but more just because I am trying really hard to do it, just to do it. I mean, it's good enough, sure. As long as I can read like 45 pages in the next hour and a half I should be all right to get in under the 24-hour mark. I stayed up late both finishing On The Road and starting True Grit last night (/yesterday morning, technically). Good lord I haven't updated GoodReads since early April; according to anyone that follows me there (likely nobody...though who knows, I read all of those E-Mail updates I get about what my GoodReads friends are reading, after all), the last thing I read was the Bhagavad-Gita (finished 04/06/2010). I've read 22 books (let's just include True Grit) since then, but of those 15 are graphic novel installments (125- to 200-page comic books basically), and those usually take significantly less than 24 hours to get through. However, among those seven remaining "actual book" books (to discredit the fine art of graphic novelization none whatsoever, mind you) are The Scarlet Letter (which is rather dense) and The Naked And The Dead (which is rather long). Anyway maybe someday soon I'll update GoodReads with this progress.

For those nerds that're curious, the 15 graphic novels read include volumes of The Walking Dead (9), The Invisibles (3), Usagi Yojimbo (2), and Jack Of Fables (1). For those even BIGGER nerds that're curious, the more text-based books include One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, The Scarlet Letter, Captains Courageous, The Naked And The Dead, Great Adventure Stories (some Watermill Press paperback with five classic short stories in it that I snagged from the parents' shelf at Thanxgiving because I finished The Naked And The Dead a few days before leaving), On The Road, and True Grit.

Looking at these "more recent acquisitions" shelves got me a little more excited about reading than I have been for awhile. I know everyone and their Dad's Bastard is probably reading or re-reading True Grit right about now; maybe that's another reason I just wanna be through with it. I still haven't seen the re-make movie version ("it's not a re-make," you may say; "yes it is," I say), but had intended to soon even before deciding to read the book. Of course beyond all the stuff I was getting excited about on the recent-acquisitions shelves, there's the Sherlock Holmes books that I still wanna get through at some point (especially after seeing Elementary, Dear Data today...yes, I am going on about both graphic literature and Star Trek: The Next Generation in this post, I'm the king). Basically for those that don't know/haven't seen, if I never bought another book again as long as I lived, I would probably still not have the time to read all the ones I have, to say nothing of re-readings or new books I'm bound to get or the like.

I kinda wanna stay up super-late tonight after finishing this book and re-organize these bookshelves to accommodate all of the newer books into the current cataloguing system...

P.S. I applied for like six jobs with the library (both SLPL AND SLCL) in the past week.
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