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Don't Hang Up

So here we are, at the end of the year. Right?

This year was all about taking the bitter with the sweet. Sure, I got fired, but presents-wise, my Xmas was the best ever. My parents moved to a different city, and that turned out to be both a blessing and a curse in itself. I think I met or otherwise befriended more people this year than any other year of my life (for better or worse), but I think my last month of High School still (probably) holds the record for the most densely-packed time of friend-making in my life. I joined a band (Pubes), continued with another (Mustardfish), and resurrected a solo "career" (Roadkill) for the first time in about eight years (and successfully enough), only this time for real. I saw many many shows, local and otherwise, and usually tended to have a blast, and I found out about LOTS of local bands I never knew about, and really, you could probably say I became a little obsessed with local music. What can I say? I also played more shows than ever, thanks mostly to the Pubes. I struggled financially, emotionally, and spiritually, probably more than ever before in my life, for a couple of months, and truth be told, I'm only just coming out of that period. I drove all the way to San Francisco and back, and I stayed in the house sulking for weeks. I had tons of trouble with my car, only to find it was a blown fuse. I stole many things. My romantic status remained unchanged for the 21st year in a row. I drank, sometimes too much. I saw some people for what will probably end up being the last time. My French improved. I trick-or-treated with great success. I saw some people for the first time in many years (Carrie L. and Tim E. come to mind). I had a sort of lame birthday, but the day after was pretty excellent thanks mainly to Angie C. and Jason Sim. I made some films--some of which I'm proud, some of which are ridiculous, and some of which I don't know what to think. I fell out of touch with some people. I set up some shows. I sang onstage with the Frogs. I met and occasionally befriended personal idols and other famous people. I went to New York for the first time. I stopped smoking cigarettes altogether (that is, I smoked on a somewhat on and off basis). I made some bad-ass art pieces, no matter what anyone says, and learned more than ever before how important it is to ignore teachers, and furthermore how to gauge properly the usefulness of a given teacher. I helped some other folks with their films, most of them well done. I discovered and began to explore parts of the city I never knew were there. Part of me died, part of me was born anew, most of me stuck around--all of this and more, and in no particular order.

Here's hoping you had as eventful a year as I did, in spite of anecdotal boredom in the duration. Cheers, friends.

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