RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Fishin' Boyin'

Hah hah look at this!

Yeah man I met this feller Eric Michener AKA Fishboy back in July when Jordan Knecht and I opened for him at Mangia Italiano at a show that was supposed to be at a Wedge Stag Nite until the Wedge shut down. Then a month later or so I was in Kansas City on a leg of Paul's Yum-Yum tour, and this fellow Tex took the pictures of me featured above for a photography project he was doing (he had everyone wear those glasses. Yes, they look like mine, but look closely, they aren't!). Then a coupla months later or so Fishboy found the picture on Tex's website (view the gallery of photographs taken for this project; Paul Velat and others are in there) via another (unknown to me) friend who pointed it out (since I was reppin' Fishboy so hard, you see). Later I asked Fishboy if there was anything good to do the week of Thanxgiving since I was planning on heading to Texas a little earlier than usual (Monday, whereas I usually go Tuesday, Wednesday, or even Thursday itself), including but not limited to booking a concert for me/us/whomever. He ended up doing so. Now the aforementioned picture is being used for a flyer to promote a concert being played by myself and Fishboy (the band, which includes the person as a member) in the basement of a pizza parlor in Denton, Texas next Wednesday. Holy heck I am excited. And flattered by this flyer. Fishboy is maybe my #1 favorite musical acquisition of 2010 (although technically I've had, and loved, one track by him in my music library, since October 2007: the song "The Ballad Of Zac Crain" from the HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME VOLUME 4 compilation from HHBTM records) and of course I love his daily (or so) webcomic, so this is triply (or more?) exciting. Heck maybe even like Grandma or Rhett or my Dad will go to this concert. WILD TIMES SHALL ENSUE!

Maybe someday Mustardfish will perform in concert with Fishboy and we can have like battle of the 'fishes.
Tags: concerts, fishboy, googolplexia, music, texas, thanksgiving

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