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Hello, My Friends, Hello, My Friends, Come In, My Kitchen

I have a sort of sorry, pathetic announcement to make.

Some of you are very close personal friends of mine, some of you I don't know outside the internet, some of you I don't really even know outside the occasional (or in some cases, frequent) livejournal entry.

However, I am always of a disposition to give gifts to those who are close, whether extremely or relatively (and usually only those I know personally), around the Holiday Season. If, for whatever reason, any of you intend to do such a service for me, you may want to think twice upon my letting it be known that indeed, this year I'm literally too broke to get any of you presents. For some of you, I've already made mix tapes or promised to do as such, but for the rest of you, unless you want some crummy RØB-made mix tape, I regret to inform, that no gifts are to come for Xmas this year, in spite of dedication to gift-giving in the past, whether repeatedly or just once or twice. I could barely afford stuff for my family, and what's more, I'm not going to be able to make my property tax payments by year's end, and God only knows if I'll even be able to make my rent payment within the first five days of January.

To some of you, this means something. Or at least, maybe it does. If it doesn't, ignore it. If you think it's a sob story, well, it is, but at least it's a true one. You can ignore it, too. Whatever. Have Happy Holidays and rock along with my fondest Seasons Greetings in any case, and I hope to hear from/see y'all soon.

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