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Quid Pro Qui Cares?

So tonight was great, in spite of everything. I think.

I say "in spite of everything" cuz while I was at the Way Out, some towing company came and started to tow my car away. $75.00 (that I don't have) later, I was able to keep my car where it was. Jeezus Chrysler.

However, I did get to see the Sex Robots again (if without a bassist, again) and Courtney and Sherry (freakin') Danger stood up for me to the towtruck guys and the police, which was awesome. I did miss most of the Fantasy Four's set cuz of the towtruck fiasco, but I saw a solid half (or so) of the Phonocaptors' set. Also, I talked with Karen Stephens for like twenty minutes after the show, and she hooked me up with a Fantasy Four T-Shirt and was gonna give me the seven-inch, until I told her that I'd bought it already at Vinyl. According to her, I'm the Fantasy Four's biggest fan. There's a title I'll take any day. And furthermore: Swoon.

Then when it was all over at the Way Out, we went to the Rocket Bar (Lexie and this guy Ben who was pretty cool), where I ran into none other than Justin DiCenzo, bassist for the Sex Robots, who was allegedly in Texas or something. But there he was. He was helping the 90 Day Men (who, unbeknownst to me, played tonight as well) and stuff. Then some guy tripped over my foot, and it turned out to be JT! Then I met JT's brother a little later, and he was all bad-ass. Also I talked to Jamie of the band A Reasonable Place To Park and this guy Rick who used to be in Pork Chop Express and with whom I had some classes at Webster University, and a bartender from the Creepy Crawl whose name escapes me, but who was there at our last show, the double-show.

And earlier, as I was pulling out onto Delmar from Westgate, Alex Carlson passed in front of me. It took me a few seconds to register this and convince myself it was true, then I shouted out the window at him and the girl he was with. I don't think he knew what was going on, but he looked and saw me.

And earlier still, I saw Jenna Drake at the airport, but didn't talk to her. I arrived at the airport around 2:00PM, with Russell, and Christian Balzer was supposed to pick us up. The flight got in about half an hour early, so Russell went to call Xian while I went to get the box and the suitcase I'd checked. The box & suitcase apparently weren't on the same flight as me, so I talked to some people in the baggage department or whatever, and that literally took like an hour and fifteen minutes (though the people were very nice--just a lot slower than necessary). Well, by the time that was over, I couldn't find Xian and Russell, and it woulda been smarter just to wait the five minutes 'til the next flight came in with my baggage, rather than have it delivered to my house (as I'd spent over an hour arranging to do, for no reason), so I got my bags, then started making phone calls. Bill Michalski was able to get me (thankfully), and we hung out awhile, and I made some phone calls.

Why do I always write my journal entries in reverse?

For those that are as yet uninformed, the Roadkill (me) play a show tomorrow at 5834 Southwest Ave. (just east of Hampton) around 07:30PM. I'm opening for Tami Hart (again) and the Haggard (both of Mr. Lady Records). Come one, come all. We're grilling up some tofurkey and stuff. Five bucks. Should be fun, if nothing else. No guarantees, though.

I'm really not sure why I came back home tonight, at least a little tipsy, and feeling so good. I mean, I can't even fathom how much in debt I am, but somehow I'm just feelin' good. Wow.

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