RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Fishboy Comics

Man I love Fishboy. Before opening for him on Wednesday I had only ever had this one track on a HHBTM Records compilation from him, but I bought up all his discography on the strength of his set and that one track, on that night. Then we were all (Fishboy, his wife Carline [I think?], Matt Harnish, and Eric Von Damage) at Karen's house later (she wasn't there) and I coaxed Eric into telling his Tom Waits story, and lo and behold, it became a Fishboy comic!

Click'm here to read it. I can't stop laughing about it, and I've known about the story for like two years at least.

Uhh anyway Squidball we wailed tonight, it was Margarita night and I got some more use out of the Squidcooler (we should paint that thing green & gold). Now I have to go figure out if I can (or need to?) fix my bicycle and get to that Atomic Cowboy! I am chatting online with Rhett right now.
Tags: atomic cowboy, comics, eric von damage, fishboy, rhett, squidball, tom waits

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