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This past weekend:

1)I lost faith in myself as a filmmaker of any value. Any faith I might've had, was pretty well devastated and destroyed. It might be a long time before that faith is restored. It's too bad, too, cuz a mere weekend or two beforehand, I was feeling pretty good about that status.

2)I was reminded of the faith I have in myself as a guy who knows stuff. We came in third at the College Bowl tournament, and would easily have been first if it weren't for a shitty draw. I was awarded "second highest points" with 100, though I only played two games--the guy that got first place had 125 points, and he played three games. Therefore, my faith in myself was counterbalanced by a lack of faith in peoples' abilities to run things in general. Free lunch rocked, though, and our team was the coolest and the best, even if we didn't win. WhateveR.

3)I played with the Pubes twice, once at the East Side Tavern in Columbia (just us) and once at Arcade Lanes in University City (with the Whole Sick Crew, the PTA, and Lee Harvey Oswald & The Fifth Floor Fistf*ckers). It was great, and everyone had a good time at both shows, I think.

4)All happened so fast, in retrospect.

See The Brown Company on Tuesday at Lemmon's or Bug at the Way Out. See The Fantasy Four, the Phonocaptors, and the Sex Robots at the Way Out Club this Friday night. See the Roadkill this Saturday night at the Muff Dive (5834 Southwest Ave., just east of Hampton, in St. Louis). See "An Intimate Evening with Matt Sinopole and Jeremy Corray" at the Omnimax on Sunday for seven dollars at 5:15PM (featuring *Liontown,* *Danger Ranger,* and *Grumboon*), but you gotta buy tickets in advance (E-Mail rocknrollbacteria@HoTMaiL.COM for those--he claims he'll deliver them to you if you like). That's what I got for now, folks.

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