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Ping Pong Ching Chong

Through a not-altogether-strange turn of events with a nonetheless-unusual result, I am probably going to end up spending May Day in Ypsilanti, Michigan at TOTALLY AWESOME FEST, which is exciting, as I've heard about this thing for years but never gone.

I am accompanying Bunnygrunt on accordion in a reprise (of sorts) of this past Monday evening's events, tonight at the Schlafly Taproom. Also, newest Pancake Productions signees Popular Mechanics will be performing in concert. This band called the Cruel Cuts, who are (I think) some fellers that went to Webster University while I was there, are on the bill, too.

I played two of my all-time favorite shows this week, and both were captured on videotape, and now are available on YouTube.

The FBC Aprilween ride (this past Wednesday night) was monumentally awesome, I was dressed as a giant molar, pictures forthcoming. Paul from Saratoga and Jim Schulman were both on it. I spent some time chatting with BRONCO! and Bekah and a boatload of strangers, making tooth- and dental-related puns left and right. It is crazy how what was probably a 15-mile ride (plus another 3 miles or so to COOLHAND's place afterwards) can feel like nothing. I remember we did like a 10-mile ride on the Katy Trail when I was much younger and it felt like death! But Wednesday was NO BIGGIE. What's even more surprising is, I wasn't even really sore the next day (and did some bike-riding in fact).

Oh yes, I got a new bicycle (new for me, anyway). It's a Nishiki, probably 20 years old or so, but works very nice and is plenty tall. Brian helped me pick 'er out (or at least stood by and told me it was worth getting). I put my new hamburger bell on it already. Certainly it's an upgrade from my old bike (which in trying to prepare for SWITCHBLADE on Wednesday night we sorta broke a little...). Before Wednesday I had mostly ridden it around local-style (Pin-Up Bowl, Hi/Tec Copy) but now I am hoping to get more use out of it. I'm actually outfitting it with cargo ability (the basket from my old bike does not fit on the front of this one--I may change out the handlebars too, though) in hopes that I can take it to the bowling alley on league nights.

I also did this thing called CRINGE at Cranky Yellow before bowling last night where people shared supposedly cringe-inducing material from their pasts; I read some sweet journal entries from basically the only real paper journal I've ever had. There are some gems in there, I tell you! A pretty great review of Jurassic Park from shortly after I saw it in the theatre seemed to be the favorite...or the entry about how Brett Martin's sister and her friend played cops and robbers with us, and the highlight was apparently them tying us to a stool in the closet ("It was fun." reads an entire sentence following a description of this, in my own journal). It was extremely entertaining, SMALLS read some sweet E-Mail exchanges that may've led to her moving to St. Louis(?), we played a group game of M.A.S.H. for Frank (and I was one of the potential husbands, but Shaq beat me out), this girl phone-called a guy she met in the park the other day on speakerphone and asked to join his drum circle, et cetera.
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