RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Fall Out And Take The Bait

I've just received the obligatory annual E-Mail from Lollapalooza announcing the lineup, and SOUNDGARDEN is on it. This is pretty funny, I think in chatting with Ron or someone some months back I put together a theoretical lineup that might get me to go to Lollapalooza again, and a reunited Soundgarden was on that bill. Now that this particular aspect is a reality, it's kinda tempting, but $215 for a three-day pass is decidedly NOT. Maybe I can score a shorter-term ticket for cheaper. Unfortunately as with most Lollapalooza lineups (excepting those first two, which I actually attended) the total number of bands I'd care about seeing is pretty small: Devo, Mavis Staples, Green Day, Cypress Hill, and Lady Gaga, in that order (and Gaga only if she didn't interfere with seeing one of the others, or getting a much-needed lunch, or something). All those, Blues Traveler, and Erykah Badu (the only other acts I'd be even marginally interested in making it a point to catch) don't quite add up to a $215 value for me.

Soundgarden dudes! I did "Pretty Noose" at karaoke the other week.

Speaking of singing, I think HideAway tonight, Rockin' Gators Thursday.
Tags: concerts, karaoke, lollapalooza, music, soundgarden

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