RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Saint Hat-Trick's Day

I don't think the Maker wants me to attend any more parades, or something. I set my alarm for a time beginning after I'd have had a pretty substantial amount of sleep and still have plenty of time to make special Saint Patrick's Day pancakes for SWITCHBLADE and I before the parade (9:15AM). I think my alarm goes for an hour then shuts off automatically. I appear to have slept through the whole entire thing and do not remember it at all, because it isn't turned off, the volume is still up, and it is indeed set for 9:15AM, not PM. I woke up about half an hour ago (11:20AM). What the heck?

I guess SWITCHBLADE has already headed to that parade, which now starts in 15 minutes (update: and now started well over an hour ago). Finding parking within 15 walking minutes of the parade seems miraculous enough...I guess I'll be throwing in that towel once again this year. I think I even took the day off work two years ago and still didn't end up going. Glargh!

Well instead, francethmanor has inspired me to re-design my "business" card (and order some). I seem to give them out a lot more these days than ever before.

Oh yes I stayed up 'til 8:30AM (or later?) Monday night/Tuesday morning, but not doing the usual sitting in front of my computer uploading YouTube videos (I'm pretty much done with that for a short while now); rather, I was getting lost (on purpose) driving around Missouri on a whim. We were in Cascade, Missouri at some point, which is not really too close to any major highway, and is one county away from Missouri's southern border.
Tags: alarm, annoying, dan mckenzie, i'm dumb, pancake productions, parade, sleep, st. patrick's day

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