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Yeah so last night was Halloween and that was some fun. Trick-or-Treating with Maysam and Courtney in Lauren LeGrand's neighborhood (as always) and then in the neighborhoods behind Lafayette High School (also as always--only this year we saw Linda Thompson, which was excellent, and Jason Young and Beth Warner were handing out candy at their respective homes) and then to lame-Ø party time at Justin (AKA Deye MoFo)'s house (with Gary as Freddy Krueger, George as some weird Mexican wrestler, Peat as the devil, Maysam, and Courtney) and then to a party where this other guy I know named Justin and this other guy who I saw last Halloween at a party dressed as the Messiah live. Amongst all of this, there was some general whatevery at Gary's house watching Monkey Shines and recouping and picking people up and dropping folks off and a bunch of us ended up at my house for like ten minutes at one point cuz we thought Jason (with whom we share a courtyard) was having some party time, but that was a lie; he was at Justin and Scott (Jesus guy)'s party. At Justin (Deye MoFo)'s house, McCaul and Ivan Beasley and Ben Corbeta and folks like that were present. Then at the other party we met up with Mario and Sylvia beforehand and I saw Emily and Lizzy Snyder there and they're always a good time. I saw some other jokers too, like this David guy that Jessica knows who's pretty cool and this Christin(e/a) girl that remembered me from the dorms (and vice versa) but who apparently no longer attends Webster. A guy with two heads gave me some Blue Curaçao. I also had some miniature wine bottle from earlier that I kept refilling with things; it looked like a bottle for a magical elixir after I tore the label off, and I think I'd rather walk around parties with a magic potion bottle than even a flask. For trick-or-treating I was dressed in my Dad's old '70s three-piece suit with my white-spots-on-light-brown bowtie and my hair all slicked back and rose-tinted glasses. Later, the pants were ripping cuz they were so tight, and I was just gonna change my pants to some darker brown ones, but I ended up also changing my jacket (to a yellow and green plaid one), my vest (to a pink, official Schnuck's one that I got from Jamie Collins a coupla years ago and had never worn before), my bowtie (to a necktie with yellow and blue and white diagonal stripes, loosened), and my glasses (to my huge yellow-tint aviators with the black plastic frames). It was sorta funny how I sort of unintentionally changed my entire costume, yet it remained essentially the same. I guess I was sort of a used car salesman or a crooked lawyer, or a representative for any other person that looks greasy, acts slick, talks fast, and ultimately rips people off, or at least stereotypically so. Maysam was a vampire accountant, and Courtney was a Modigliani painting, and it was basically rock and roll that we got so much candy and went to some parties (one retarded, one nonexistant, and one pretty good--in that order). I wanted to see the Whole Sick Crew and the Spiderz at Radio Cherokee, or even Shatterhand and Brain Transplant at Mangia Italiano, but the basic fact is, I have too little money.

Now I'm at "work." It's the first day of new job time. I'm gonna have to get another job, though, unfortunately. I have literally about six dollars in my bank account, and maybe about as much in my wallet. Around a half a tank of gas, and I reckon that has to last me 'til I get a paycheck or a miracle. At least this job is all easy and non-stressful, if a little boring.

Tonight is the Fantasy Four at Frederick's, and they're awesome, and this will prob'ly be their last show ever, and Marcia won't even be playing, as far as I know, but it should be great--as you may know, they broke up, so this will be some strange different Fantasy Four cast with Karen and Striker and any number of the following: Matt Harnish, Jason Hutto, James Weber, Jr., and others. The Phonocaptors also play, and they always bring the rock and roll.

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