RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Brendan Benson @ Blueberry Hill's Duck Room In University City, Missouri; 11/13/09

  1. A Whole Lot Better
  2. Don't Wanna Talk
  3. Folk Singer
  4. Good To Me
  5. Eyes On The Horizon
  6. Spit It Out
  7. Metarie
  8. Me Just Purely
  9. Sittin' Pretty
  10. Garbage Day
  11. I'm Blessed
  12. Poised And Ready
  13. Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
  14. Crosseyed
  15. You're Quiet
  16. Tiny Spark

  17. What I'm Looking For
  18. American Girl (Tom Petty) (With Corey Chisel And Others)

  19. Feel Like Taking You Home

We agreed that they shoulda stopped after the amazing energy of the Tom Petty cover. Good to get more songs, but kinda ended on not as crazy-awesome of a note.

Corey Chisel (opening guy & his band) was pretty good. I liked the songs and arrangements. I guess Brendan Benson produced part of his newest album, and co-wrote a song or two on there. It does take a lot for me to buy new music at a concert, though. The Muckafurgasons of the world are few and far between indeed! Steve Nagy was at the show, and he got the Corey Chisel CD. I bet it is good stuff! He was the only person there I recognized. I think he was impressed (maybe even a bit incredulous, at first) when Ron and I told him that we'd been fans since 1996. How DID we find out about Brendan Benson, anyway?

Just before the Tom Petty cover, they read some names off of this scrap of paper, for people to join them in a monster on-stage jam. So, some people got to shake shakers or play guitars and drums on "American Girl." I guess they were winners of some radio contest? Anyway, they said Pat Weston as one of the names and I was like uhh THE Pat Weston? Later Ron showed me a text message exchange wherein Pat revealed that indeed he had won tickets to the show from 88.1 KDHX (but somehow did not use them!?). Wellp he missed out on not only a great free show, but the opportunity to fopp around (among other things) onstage with Brendan Benson BY INVITATION! OOPS
Tags: blueberry hill, brendan benson, concerts, music, setlist

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