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Scorecard Rewards: Poll!

My debit card, for many years, was accompanied by a rewards program through Scorecard Rewards. A few months ago, I got a notice that they were going to start charging for this rewards program, but you could opt not to do it anymore if you so chose. As I had never, ever used it before a coupla months ago (I got a sleeping bag), I opted to discontinue. HOWEVER, at the time of the notice, it was stated that all members, regardless of how they chose to proceed, would at very least continue to earn points on purchases made through 10/31/09, and could use any points remaining thereafter up until 12/30/09.

So I was looking at the four items in my wish-list today, and thinking about what to get. I decided to defer to that most democratic of methods, the LiveJournal poll, for clarity on the matter. I currently have 11,152 points to use on whatever I want. The poll below addresses the items in my wishlist specifically. I think you can go to the Scorecard Rewards website and browse their catalogue if you have further suggestions.

Poll #1480954 Scorecard Rewards

With My 11,152 Scorecard Rewards Points, What Item, Or Combination Of Items, Should I Get?

A) 3,500 Points - BRAUN Brand Battery-Control Toothbrush
B) 6,900 Points - 18-Mile 2-Way Radio (Walkie Talkies)
C) 6,900 Points - Sony DVD Player
D) 9,600 Points - Torino 3-Person Dome Tent
E) Something(s) Else Entirely

Remember, the total points I use cannot exceed 11,152. In other words, I can get A+B, A+C, or D alone. Or maybe the ambiguous E, I don't know! I mean, if I have points left over after I make my choices from the above, I will probably try to use them on something.

Walkie-Talkies seem cool at a glance, but how much use would they ultimately get? I figure most people already pretty much carry a walkie-talkie around with them wherever they go as it is. Do I really care about an electric toothbrush if I don't have one, and have never bothered with one, at 28 years of age? I guess the same could be said of any of this stuff. The DVD player would mostly be a replacement for the one in the main room, which is sorta flaky at times. The tent would go nicely with the sleeping bag I got earlier this year, and maybe inspire me to camp more (which might, IRONICALLY, make the walkie-talkies useful). Wellp what do y'all think? Feel free to leave comments with the good ol' "Explanation Of Your Opinion."
Tags: i'm indecisive, money, poll

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