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Dinosaur Jr @ The Pageant In Saint Louis, Missouri 10/14/09

  1. Thumb
  2. Budge
  3. I Want You To Know
  4. Imagination Blind
  5. Get Me
  6. Pieces
  7. Plans
  8. Feel The Pain
  9. Over It
  10. Raisans
  11. Freak Scene
  12. I Don't Wanna Go There

  13. In A Jar
  14. Forget The Swan

Extended solos and between-song jam-outs galore. People were shouting out requests after "In A Jar" and J told us to come to a consensus amongst ourselves between hearing "Forget The Swan," "Sludgefeast," "The Wagon," or "Freak Scene" again (this last was a joke...I think). Then Lou took control of an applause-o-meter style vote between the three options. I guess "Forget The Swan" won cuz that's what they played! Seemed to me like every cheered equally loudly for each of the three. I was shouting out "do all three!"

My goodness, but those dudes play LOUD. It's the first show I've ever been to at the Pageant where they had paper notifications as you entered that earplugs are on sale (for 25¢ apiece, as Erik, with whom I hung out most of the show, found out--50¢ for the pair) at the concession stand/coat check. I brought my own. Pat didn't end up going as anticipated. Too bad! It was great.

Lou's band The Missingmen had a great opening set, too. Lou can do no wrong by me. I don't have the album of this newest of the Lou Barlow Experience (the catch-all name I've given to his innumerable projects). Most of the songs were unfamiliar, except the last. I couldn't place it, and don't feel like reviewing my Barlow discography song-by-song right now, but the lyric "Number One Disgrace" was in there somewhere, if any of you Lou fans can place that.

UPDATE: I checked out a few songs and sure enough it was the song "On The Face" from Sentridoh's 2001 album.

I saw Greg Kettinger, Dave Todd, that gal Rose who's friends with Amy Froggpockets, and the one guy from WU whose name I forget, glasses and I think he ran sound a lot for movies and such, wore a lot of cabbie hats. And Jaime Lees, Sarah P., Mark Early, and early on while Lou's other band was opening I hung out with that gal Liz (gosh I hope that's her name, that's what I think it is) down on the floor. Then while leaving I ran into Matt Hartmann! Who is apparently back in town. Later in Halo I saw Thomas from Skarekrau Radio and Jason Hutto, went to hang with Matt a little and he was there with this gal Valerie and Veronica S. from the original Twin Peaks club. Funny that she was a member of Twin Peaks club because she was friends with Jessica but she didn't even know that Jessica had gotten married, or even who Boris was, hah! Veronica's boyfriend and Matt's brother were also there (I had met the former at Atomic Cowboy a few weeks/months? ago, but never the latter). Anna Z. was tending bar, I hung out for a second after Matt & Co. left (oh yeah, it's a WEDNESDAY. "Funny thing about weekends when you're unemployed...they don't mean quite so much." --PRIMUS, "Spegeti Western") watching a seemingly brief documentary on the History Channel about the JFK assassination, then took off. I have to be in Clayton around 9:00AM tomorrow to meet Jessica and Boris to get their paperwork cleared away.

Ron and I spent the better part of the day shopping for our Halloween costumes, not because the stuff we have to find is so super specific, but because we wanted to weigh all of our options price-wise and appearance-wise and because hey, why not? We went to: Avalon Exchange (FKA Rag-O-Rama), Loop Foot Locker (It's GONE!), Wal-Mart, Sports Authority, Famous Brand Shoes, DSW Shoe Warehouse, Target, Subway (for lunch, not the costumes), The Galleria (Macy's, Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, et cetera), the costume shop across from the Galleria, Johnnie Brock's, Target (Hampton/Chippewa), Burlington Coat Factory, back to Johnnie Brock's, HOOOH! Lots of places. It should be pretty solid when people finally see it, though.

Ended the Tuesday night Squidfall season last night with a pair of victories, I drove in basically a third of our runs in the first game (including a near-grand-slam, whoah), I guess that slump I've been experiencing at Forest Park is a FoPa-only slump. I hadn't played at Lyon for like three weeks!

Earlier Tuesday our Squidbowl shirts came in. Now to get them printed and embroidered, hoooh! Also what came in: My set of Bunnygrunt dolls (both of these things had arrived Friday but didn't get dropped off on the porch, but rather held at the U-City post office over the long Government Columbus Day weekend). Apparently Matt Harnish hasn't even received his yet (according to what Jason Hutto said tonight). The dolls are precious. The shirts are beautiful. Both are the same color (green/gold). HHBTM sent me a copy of the new Bunnygrunt CD, which A)I don't think they were supposed to, and B)I already have. SO, anyone planning to buy it anyway (I think it's their best yet, song-wise, and I think that is saying a lot) can have it for the ten-spot (I'm an unemployed capitalist).

Monday night went to see Bunnygrunt at the Matt Harnish birthday show with NYC band The Choke. Good times listening to Brett Underwood rant, chatting with Josh & Sara about the casino, trying not to get sick off of Eric Von Damage, hearing Bunnygrunt, et cetera.
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