RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Wild Summer Nights! I Mean, Fall Nights.

It has been raining more or less non-stop since almost 24 hours ago, with only brief interludes of non-rain. It has been great. Maybe it will put a "damper" (wocka wocka!) on our Saturday Squidball tournament, but I say we party in the park regardless of the field conditions. Play a little catch with the Cannonball, do a little batting practice with the Berry Bomber, and even do some tournament action wherever possible (on the grass or whatever).

Tonight Kevster and I took top honors at Newstead Tower Public House (Tenacious) Trivia. We were in 1st place after both the first and the second rounds, then after the 3rd we had slipped to 3rd place, then after the 4th we had slipped again to 4th place. Round 5 put us back on top with 90 points to 2nd place's 76 or something like that. Nice work, two-man-team!

Apparently those dudes from "Bodemicon" or whatever really hate our guts? Which I don't really understand, I mean they win as much as we do, and you don't see us even so much as rolling our eyes about them. Yo Bodemicon dudes, if you're reading this, either A)get real or B)take it to Lemmons trivia, where that kind of bad attitude is appreciated/celebrated.

Speaking of Lemmons trivia some gal at Newstead recognized the Squids name from our Lemmons days (practically two and a half years ago, now); I guess she knew BILF, her name is Jamie. Anyway I really am enjoying (for last week and this, so far) the Newstead Tower Public House trivia followed by the Squidbowl league circuit. It works out so nicely! I get it all done in the same fun-filled night!

When trivia ended, I took Kevin to the Central West End Metrolink station so he could get home and I could go bowling without having to take such a detour as would be required by going all the way home.

I bowled the greatest game of my life, by one pin. My new high score is a 199 (up from 198). Dang! I think our whole team is improving at bowling. It is exciting, we are gonna win this league I CAN JUST FEEL IT. We will probably even overtake the Pinstrike Turkeyballers (yet another wholly-owned subsidiary of Squidball, Inc.). Maybe the few games of practice that Von Damage and I did last night at North Oaks paid off.

Then we were kinda hanging out just outside Saratoga in the rain (Heather Lindsy, COOLHAND, Eric Von Damage, and I) and this dude walked by with an umbrella, I could only see the lower half of his face cuz of the umbrella but I thought it sorta looked like SAK. Then after he'd gotten just beyond us (looking at him from behind, I also thought him to be sorta SAK-like) COOLHAND was like "is that SAK?" so we started calling out, SAK! TURNS OUT it was SAK indeed who had been at whatever place El Scorcho turned into (or wherever they do the trivia that they used to do at El Scorcho) and then went to the Deluxe thereafter and nearly walked right by us without a word (of course he was sorta head-down style on account of the rain and whatnot). IF THAT ISN'T CRAZY ENOUGH then as it turns out, Eric Von Damage (who for all intents and purposes has never played Squidball but of course is a Squidbowler) and SAK (who for all intents and purposes has never Squidbowled but of course is a Squidballer) KNEW EACH OTHER FROM SOME JOB THEY HAD TOGETHER AT A PONDEROSA STEAKHOUSE IN JEFFERSON COUNTY LIKE TEN YEARS AGO! What craziness. I could not stop laughing about it in my car (first that we ran into SAK, and then that he and Von Damage shared that history). Two dudes that hadn't encountered one another in ten years, both Squids for some time now. The Squidball connection. Then the five of us went to Atomic Cowboy, where we ran into Alex Petrowsky (Petrovsky?), Jerry Yu, and some other familiar faces. What a wild night. My lord!

As discussed at the Atomic Cowboy tonight, there needs to be some roller-skating and ice-skating this fall/winter. Maybe when Amy and Jenn get their skate shop together I will even invest in some quad skates. Maybe I can get some sexy custom kelly green numbers with golden (athletic OR sparkly) wheels.

Since we're on the subject of the green 'n' gold, those bowling shirts are on their way to me, then we get them embroidered and then we get them printed (or the other way around?), then the sexiest bowling shirts in history shall abound.
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