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So ol' me the dumbass ended up emptying the trash again. Surprise, surprise; my roommates (one of them in particular) are lazy fucks. I swear; we have three trash cans. That is, all in the kitchen, or right by it. For all intents and purposes, they're kitchen trash cans. Like the last six times they've been emptied, retarded me has just finally broken down and done it, cuz Lazy the Clown and Pizza Rolls McGee just keep piling the shit up, even making piles of trash next to the cans, rather than taking it out.

I worked on Ryan Samul's senior overview today. It was interesting to see Ryan directing rather than filming.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 22nd) night the Pubes play the Creepy Crawl, opening for the Groovy Ghoulies. Other scheduled acts include locals the Ded Bugs and the Reactions.

Wednesday night's Shellac show was cancelled, which is unfortunate for anyone who was cool enough to have a ticket. Yer tickets are still good for the reschedule, though, so don't toss 'em (this is, of course, assuming there will be a reschedule). If you didn't get tickets, ya prob'ly shouldn't waste yer time; it's sold out and they're being pretty strict about that. So seeing Bug at the Way Out Club sounds like a pretty good idea after all! You oughta go, too.

Thursday the 24th is the Dismemberment Plan show at the Creepy Crawl. Last time I went to a Dismemberment Plan show, I didn't get to see them, but I did make twenty bucks. We'll see about going this time. I think Coire might be in town for this one.

Then Saturday the 26th, the Roadkill play a show on-campus, at the Belvedere, located three houses east (north?) of the parking garage along Garden Avenue. It'll prob'ly actually be outdoors. I might have Mario Viele (I still don't know how to say that last name out loud) join me. I mean, I'd love to, but I'm not sure how serious he is about it. Prune also plays a show this night, at the Brentwood Borders, unfortunately I'll have to miss it. I think there's some bad-ass show goin' on later on at Lemmon's this night as well, but I'd have to double-check on that.

Hopefully Mustardfish will be at it again (playing shows, that is) on December 20th. Depends on Ron's schedule. It could be great to play some Xmas songs at a show.

The Pubes have an undeclared and un-booked, but nonetheless planned Xmas show that is guaranteed hilarity. Speakin' of the Pubes, we played the Aquadome in Kirksville on Saturday night and it was so rock 'n' roll my hand started bleeding.

Bill (Michalski, of Prune, among other things) and I are headin' up to Chicago this Friday night to check out the TMBG McSweeney's show with Dave Eggers and whoever else; I think it's at the Art Institute. That should be some rock 'n' roll fun.

So that's what I got. Cheers.

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